Web site traffic reduction can not be overlooked a few major factors

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Today to talk about how to deal with the site to reduce traffic, the author was responsible for the portal site encountered such a situation, the IP suddenly reduced by more than 2000, when the leadership let us find the reason, and then after several colleagues together analysis, finally found the problem, and solve the problem, today, combined with a few friends Talk about the impact of the search engine traffic change reasons.


First, the number of sites included

The number of Web pages indexed by search engines is the first factor affecting the flow of search engines. The amount of the collection will affect the site to obtain traffic, but here is a: "28 principle", that is, most of the pages of the amount of changes will not be significant changes to the site traffic, usually only a small number of key page changes will affect the flow, even so, the amount of changes in the site is still a need to pay attention to a reason. (Before the author has seen light years teacher also talked about the site can affect the amount of traffic).

Second, title description optimization

Title and description of the optimization is the impact of the second factor in search engine traffic, because good title and description will bring more traffic, sometimes our site ranking is very good, but the flow is not in your post after the site traffic more, analysis, found that people's website title and description than you more attractive. In fact, this is the most common in Baidu bidding.

Third, ranked with the outside chain

Ranked with the outside chain is the impact of search engine traffic is the third factor, but also one of the main two reasons. The change in ranking directly affects the flow of change, the first page and the flow of the second page is a big difference. Outside the chain is the impact of the ranking of a major first factor (now a lot of people's slogan is the content of the chain is more important, but the chain is still important, can guide the flow of the chain is a valuable outside chain). The impact of the ranking on the flow is instantaneous, the impact of the external chain on the flow is long.

Iv. Competitors

Where there is a river, there are traffic there is competition. For the site traffic is the same, hot search keywords are every site is concerned about the place, in our continuous optimization of the site, the release of the chain of soft text, improve the rankings, competitors are not idle. Therefore, the competitor's action and the optimization strategy also affects the website traffic the factor.

Website internal Adjustment

What is the site internal adjustment? The simplest introduction is the revision. For the search engine, revision is the site's most chaotic internal adjustment, search engines need to understand the structure and content of the site (but now Baidu Webmaster tools have a facelift function, but the conversion time is relatively long), a few days ago, a friend to do anti-static clothing station, asked the author of its optimization, The author just changed the structure, the results of the keyword rankings are gone, the natural site traffic is all gone. So the internal adjustment of the website is the fifth factor that affects the website traffic.

VI, Server Status

Server status is the last factor that affects the site traffic, all pages of the site are kept in the server, if the server in the spider access to run instability, or direct card machine, then will certainly affect the search engine on the site's collection, and directly affect the ranking and traffic.

Summary: The impact of Web site traffic is a lot of factors, there are a number of examples, said above are a few of the key factors. Only the site has traffic, we can achieve the goal of building a station.

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