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User experience throughout the design, innovation process, such as user participation in architectural design and work environment, the living environment of the designs and improvements, user participation in IT product design and improvement. The user experience in it application design is mainly from the interaction process of user and Man-machine interface. In the early software design process, the Man-machine interface is regarded as only a layer of "packaging" outside the core of the function, but not enough attention.

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; The result is that the development of HMI is independent of functional core development, and is often the end of the entire development process began. This approach greatly limits the design of human-computer interaction, and the results are risky. Because the design cost of modifying the function core at the final stage is enormous, sacrificing the Man-machine interface is the only way out. This speculative and gambling development is almost impossible to obtain a satisfactory user experience.

As for customer service, it is also a part of the user experience in a broad sense, because it is inseparable from the design of the product itself. Customer service is more to the quality of personnel requirements, and has been difficult to change has been completed and put into the market products. But a good design can reduce the customer service needs, thereby reducing the company's customer service investment, but also reduce the customer service quality caused by the loss of users.

After web2.0, all the websites are paying more and more attention to the user experience, creating a good experience experience for the user has already web2.0 the important factor that the website enhances the stickiness. The so-called website user experience is refers to the user visits the website the process to produce the pure subjective psychological feeling, perhaps the website user experience may because individual subjective difference but is difficult to define, but for has the clear target user localization website, one website's user experience is relatively easy to define.

The website user experience is determined by two variables, one is the expected experience value and the other is the real experience value. The expectation experience value is refers to the website in the user's mind the psychological expectation, the expectation experience value and the website fame, the type, the propaganda intensity and so on has the close relation, for instance NetEase, because of its high popularity reason, the user's expectation experience value certainly is very high. The real experience value refers to the actual feeling which the website brings to the user, including the website's access speed, the navigation system, the column structure, the interaction, the composition, the font, the typesetting and so on.

When we want to define a website user experience good or bad, we need to consider the expected experience value and real experience is worthwhile. We all have this experience, when the actual use of products than our expected products more powerful, more beautiful appearance, will be very happy. The site user experience is the same, if the real experience value is higher than the expected experience value, then the site's user experience is good, otherwise, the site's user experience is bad.

To this end, we can also draw a conclusion that if we want to enhance the user experience, then we can:

Improve the value of real user experience, the design of the site more usability, and ultimately achieve the goal of ease of use.

Reduce the expected experience value, such as publishing the site, if the quality of the site itself is not very confident, try to keep a low profile, not too much publicity, so you can avoid users of your site expectations too high.

Among them, how to quantify the expected experience value, real experience value is a very systemic problem, have the opportunity to further explore later.

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