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Website optimization work for more than a year, usually like to visit the forum, met a lot to do this piece of friends.

In the process of communication with a lot of friends, found a very interesting thing: a lot of webmaster friends to see other people's website seo done well, so I want to Ah, I also want to do SEO for my site, so dramtically busy for a while, and finally do a good job. It turns out that the ranking went up for a while, and soon fell off or after a burst of traffic, again: "A feeling back before liberation." So there is the beginning of the optimization, but still continue to repeat the previous situation ...

Many friends think Impassability: my website optimizes so good, why no others website so prosperous?

This is now a lot of webmaster friends encountered problems. In fact, is very simple, is webmaster friends into a SEO and seo thinking trap. The end user of the website is a netizen instead of a search engine, for a netizen, he on your website is to see something different. If a site does not have enough attraction, even if your SEO technology is the most in the same way, from the search engine to the site traffic is again big, can not keep customers, how could you make your website booming up?

So hope to see this article Webmaster friends, not for SEO and SEO, good intentions to improve the quality of your site content, improve the cohesion of the site, I believe your site can be booming up.

Hope and you webmaster friends a lot of exchanges, my qq:305561847 msn:lingyun.j#hotmail.com

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