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The pursuit of the site's largest profit model should be all the sites are considered and the pursuit of a goal, especially for some small and medium-sized sites, traffic is very small, only by advertising click to feed their own site may not be very realistic. So how do we maximize the profits of our website? Below I have some experience to communicate with you. I call this model: ask for promotion. (Note: The experience I have introduced is only suitable for small and medium sites with entity associations.) )

In the real world as an entity merchant, we now also pay more and more attention to network marketing this piece. Also want to promote their products through the network, so that more users know their products. In the promotion may everyone do the most should or keyword optimization, in some large platform to publish buy information, in some question and answer platform to adopt various ways to issue, add links and so on. So when you do this, do you often sum up how much money has changed into reality? In the promotion of traffic may come a lot, the key words are also ranked by the front, but to bring us what? Of course, it is undeniable that this is to a large extent more people familiar with our site, remember our site, will also produce a small profit, then we can also be on this basis to increase some of the existing profits? I think it's OK.

In the general promotion of the site at the same time I pay more attention to the major sites of the question and answer platform, because these places are the most direct production of our profits, but also the most information to buy the place, such as Baidu know, Tencent's ask, Tianya question and answer. I think these places should also be the place where every webmaster often goes. So how can we expand our profits in these places, I have summed up a few points for your reference:

1, choose one or two larger questions and answers platform to promote their own products rather than promotional sites. In answer to the question when try to stand in the questioner's point of view to answer questions, do not bring their own products, this is in fact for the questioner is still very objectionable.

2, to observe the question of the questioner several people answered, generally preferably two or three people have answered the time, this time is the best. Why do we have to watch this? Because when a problem is released, the questioner will consider the correctness and rationality of these respondents ' questions, which are often hesitant. This time you can contact, this time is the most important, how we use language art to make each other accept our products. This depends on your flexible brain, hehe.

3. Filtration problem. Why do you want to filter the problem? We all know that a lot of webmaster will be in these places to do promotion, that is to ask themselves, these questions you answered is also a waste of energy. So how do we figure out the problem? First of all, you have to look at the overall page of the question of the similarity, if there are similar keywords, general 999 is the most promoted. If the problem is still very dispersed, similar problems are more, we suggest that you look at the user name of the question, generally do not promote a user name to ask a question that is very wasteful, and then register also need time is not. So the rest is the user we want to target.

The focus of the promotion of the key individuals think that mainly in the following three points: first, the choice of questions; second, the quality of your answer, is not a reasonable and reasonable than other people's answer; Third, this is very important, is the promotion of language skills.

These are personal some of the superficial experience for teachers to reference also please correct me.

This article by the old Solid blog blogger to provide, my small station, we have time to guide www.laogu.org

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