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Webmaster: How to optimize a number of different http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/17612.html at the same time "> industry website, tell you, I was a person to do 5 of the industry's web site such as Haagen-Dazs moon cakes and other , can feel is powerless, feel a lot of things to do every day, did a period of time to do is very confused, nothing is done. At this time will be the most confused time, so be calm. Let's start with the optimization of a website, of course, first start from the site. In fact, do site optimization site is a very important link, so how do you do this site?

This SEO webmaster are very clear, the first is the site's shape, structure, title, description, content, keyword layout, domain name, space, procedures. These are done well, site optimization is done, and these are done we can be like the major search engines to submit our web address (domain name), we can start our next keyword ranking optimization.

So how do keyword ranking optimizations work:

In fact, we are in the construction of the site has been set the key words are better, we only need to do a few things on it, 1, the site update is very important, the site update is nothing more than a few articles, but the site is very exquisite release, Preferred article How to typesetting, keywords in the Web article frequency and the appearance of the layout, hyperlinks added.

2, Friendship Connection Exchange. What kind of website should be exchanged for connection? This is also very webmaster village in the problem, when you change the connection with him when you see is a peer immediately do not change, the reason is afraid of your site more than he or better than his, so it is wrong, in fact, to exchange a connection with the same industry than a different industry is not a better link, Do SEO to willing, to be able to suffer. There are some stationmaster you exchange link with him when he will say my PR is 4 yours is 2 that cannot change. In fact, change the link more fancy is the site of the whole station, snapshot update speed, included, Yahoo outside the chain, the weight of the home page, basically meet these conditions can be changed. Don't miss this opportunity because your PR is better than others. Because your PR in high ranking is not good, snapshots can not keep up with what use it, basically such a website want and the same PR site to exchange links Others do not necessarily change (unless others do not understand).

3, outgoing chain. Many people think that the chain is very simple (copy and paste), and do just to increase the internet garbage, do outside the chain is also very fastidious, a good outside the chain can be worth tens of hundreds of garbage chain. Do a good outside chain note to the point: you want to release the chain of the place, your article is not readable, your article layout clarity, and finally reasonable arrangement of a hair text link and a Ming chain.

This seems to be much simpler, because the first step of the site optimization of the whole station is only three steps left to do every day, the websiteUpdate, Friendship Link Exchange, outside the chain. In fact, a lot of seoer also do not know the main reason for the chain, the first outside the chain is to seduce spiders to their own site, the second outside the chain is to increase the number of Baidu and Yahoo outside the chain, of course, link is to increase the Yahoo outside the chain the most effective way. The third hair outside the chain is in order to be able to better promote own website, lets own website information large area coverage.

So every different Web site is done with the last three parts, you do a few sites at the same time no problem, finally there is a reasonable allocation of time, (such as: today to do the site update and the release of the chain, the next day to do the site update and friendship link exchange) It's easier to paint.

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