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With Baidu so to toss SEO, website optimization work can say will become more and more difficult. But the cake is still there, as a seoer to how to divide the cake a small piece of soup? First of all, do not enter the following 4 misunderstandings.

1, a large number of replication reproduced, collection of highly repetitive internet content, a lot of friends have just done the site, due to the lack of content, in order to be able to let Baidu more than a few, so as to run to other sites to a large number of copies, a large number of reprinted articles, this approach is Because most of the articles reproduced online are highly repetitive content. When Baidu Spider came to your website, found that your site is a number of Internet, the same content, so that your site is a garbage station, no value of the site, thereby reducing the goodwill of your site, if the long-term so, the search engine will be on your site to reduce the right to deal with, Don't want to come to your website. Of course, some friends will think, this has what, the article is false original chant. So go online to download a pseudo original tool for a lot of false original, here to tell you is, do not use the online false original tools to do the pseudo original processing, because the software IQ is only 3 years old, with software processing false original article you think you can read it well? Those articles are basically a mess, The meaning is very difficult to understand, the search engine most pays attention is the user experience, these false original articles are no readability, for users this article is to give them the value of the article, since there is no readability, no value, then how to talk about user experience, no user experience, how to talk about site rankings?

Some friends would say, I carry out false original article Baidu also included in the best, in fact, is wrong, may now be included in the very good, but these are not what the value of the content is not readable in search engine after an update will be a lot of k off, and your site is a new station, In the search engine phase, if the site has a lot of such worthless content will be the search engine is considered a garbage station, which may lead to spiders do not come to your site, or by K only a home page, long-term can not recover, so, I think the false original article is best not to use tools to get, False original is best to use pure manual to change, otherwise the consequence is very bad, so I suggest a newly established new station most of the original content, can two-thirds is original content, One-third is reproduced content, reproduced content of the best quality of content, and original content also has high quality, with value. As long as you maintain such a state, I believe that you can not have a long time to check the Baidu period.

2, often listen to others said, do SEO optimization "outside the chain for the emperor," I think, very reasonable. SEO is nothing but the content and the chain, so in order to achieve the chain for the emperor's ranking tactics, in the site has just done a lot of manufacturing outside the chain, in the short term to the site sent hundreds of outside the chain, the final result is that Baidu has not included or is directly by k off, then why is this?

Is the chain of the Emperor a lie? Of course not, because first of all, your site is a new station, just enter the test phase of Baidu, and your outer chain is like a wave of surging, search engine spiders as you send out of the chain attracted to your site, found that your site does not have anything of value, less content of the poor, Included less also poor, found that your site is a veritable wave of fame, there is no real ability, because the creation of a chain is tantamount to a vote on the site, if there are many people to vote for you, and you do not have the real skills, there is no valuable things, in other people's opinion, you are in the canvassing, You are cheating, others will only think you are a lack of strength, but also a reputation for the people, because the search engine is the most user experience, for the user has no value for things, search engines will only you abandon, so, you outside the chain too much, and nothing valuable, Material things others will only think you are a garbage, search engine will also think you are garbage station, cheating station, for this kind of website, you outside the chain hair more, hair fast, search engine also k ruthless.

For those who are very prestigious and have no real skills, we always dislike it, and so does the search engine. However, what is to tell a speed and progress, if our site itself done well, the chain has very few words, but also more difficult to rank. After all, the content and the outside chain are complementary. So in an appropriate time, in the artificial exchange outside the chain based on the use of a high-quality outside the chain of mass software is also good. However, a lot of mass software has a disadvantage, that is, can not identify many of the site's verification code, resulting in a very low success rate of the chain release, and in some low weight, no verification code of the site. Personal use of a SKYCC portfolio marketing software, it can really identify a number of major stations such as 58 with the city, Bai such a site verification code, greatly enhance the success rate of the release of the chain.

3, keyword a large number of piling up, some webmaster friends in order to make the site's keyword rankings, so that a new site in a number of titles, descriptions and other places a lot of duplication, a large number of key words, some webmaster see a lot of rankings are very good site keywords carried a lot of repetition, Plus hear a lot of SEO optimizer people say keyword how, so, it is believed that in these places a large number of duplicate site keywords can get a better ranking, in fact, this approach is wrong to their own website harmful, for such a large number of keywords to stack, especially for the new station, It's easy to be found by search engines that you are cheating and are cheating search engines, excessive optimization, the search engine is not friendly, I just do the beginning of the site is also because of a number of reasons, such as: keyword piling up, a chain hair at the beginning of too much, the content of a large number of reproduced replication, resulting in the site in the first month after the K was a naked, 3 months have not recovered or been K state, which led to the abandonment of the domain name, lesson, wit, hope that webmaster people, especially the new station is not the best keyword a lot of piling up, although the impact is not very large, but how many still have influence. We think the keyword density is around 2-8﹪,5%. I think the new station in the initial establishment of the SITE keyword do not care too much, put a few on the OK, because the content of the site more important than these.

4, often change the site title and content, I found that some friends to do the site is not very firm, often because of the site has some small problems constantly change the title of the site and so on, search engines often find your site two days a small change, three days a big change, do not know what you really want to do, because your site often changes, Will have a distrust of your site, so, will not give you the site has a good ranking, so, want to do a website, firm and insist is very important. You want to determine what you really want to do, to give their own site positioning, and can use the best to do your website, so as to get a good ranking, pay attention to the user experience is very important!

The above 4 points are basically a cliché. However, some people just always see, but not to seriously implement. Today is here to appeal to everyone, good implementation of other people's experience, and then summed up SEO right and wrong! Article source Jialing Valve Co., Ltd. http://www.jlj.cc reprint please keep the link.

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