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Links in the Web site promotion can play an irreplaceable role, good links can not only bring traffic to the site, but also improve the weight of the site, so the webmaster always want to and the weight of the site to do friendship links, because of the wrong connection, so the new station or the low PR value of the site can not exchange to good links. The official website or the big website generally does not have the QQ, the MSN and so on the instant communication tool, some just email or the contact telephone, wants the communication need to compose the email or through the telephone to carry on the application link. So the channels of dealing are even more not very smooth. "Misty Rain" in the management of "universal Navigation Network", "Life Service Peak Network" and other Web site process, but also continue to explore how to find a better external links, and the years of successful experience to write out.

1. Before making links we must be clear about their website and seriously study each other's website.

Study the purpose of their website is to clearly know their own site characteristics and site positioning, and that type of site to do exchange links, and other similar sites are not only conducive to increase the flow of the site, but also improve the weight of the site. Imagine that the peak of health care is connected to a website made by an exchange the peak network of health care is difficult to obtain traffic from the Website Promotion class website, because the website promotion class, faces the user group is promotes the website, they to the health class content not to be cold, if is the similar website, The user community is the same, so that users share the resources, so it may be better to get the traffic of the site.

2. Pay attention to polite language when exchanging connections.

"Misty Rain" agreed that friendship links are linked to friendship, not cold Web site. Respecting each other is actually respecting yourself. So when dealing with, use "we", "Your station" "Thank You", "wholeheartedly for your service" and so on, try not to use the "you", "I" these words. So we should be very sincere in the beginning and the end to write: "Hello, I am the" Universal Navigation network Webmaster "; At the end can be accompanied by" Thank you for your support "," Hope you encourage "and so on

3. To properly point out the advantages and disadvantages of each other's website, and their own learning place.

"Misty Rain" that if you can point out the pros and cons of the site, will make the other side feel your attention, but also give each other a sense of pride. Stationmaster's hard work can get very good appraisal, is every stationmaster is willing to listen to. "Inadvertently see your station, feel your website page beautiful atmosphere, rich in content, is the same industry (or region) outstanding, influential website." ”

4. Use your sincerity.

"Misty Rain" agreed that friendship link is the friendship, not the cold Web site, as long as you can come up with their sincerity, the success rate will be greatly enhanced, such as you can first do a good job of the other side of the site links, to have better communication. "Very eager to exchange with your station, we have done your station's homepage link well, our website address is http://www.wndhw.com/"

5. Introduce the advantages and prospects of your website.

Details about the status of the site, tell each other to work hard to do their own site, I believe that your support we will do better, and even write you will achieve the goals and so on. The purpose of doing this is to tell each other that your site is not a garbage station, is a promising site.

"Universal Navigation Network" is our key operation this year navigation site, the site's pr=4,alexa ranking is more than 400,000, compared with your station is not very high, but we update every day, careful maintenance, Baidu Google and other search engines included normal, the main keyword Baidu, Google and other major search engines are ranked first, Strive for the next update is their site PR to 5 or 6,alexa ranking of 100,000 or less, thank you for your support, thank you!

6. Business is not renyi in good faith, if the other party needs, you can get help.

We exchange links are nothing more than through email or QQ, we exchange links in the time used to: "Please, whether to wait for the beginning of polite language", the content should be concise and clear. If the other party is unwilling to exchange links please do not stalker, so that the other side more disgusted, your station may have the opportunity to exchange links with others, the impression that they will be rejected.

7. Warm tip: Do not in the other party do not want to stalker, the other party's dissatisfaction, for future links leave opportunities.

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