Webmaster You can rely on the site to get life security?

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Stationmaster for your life, how will you obtain a long-term life safeguard, this question, is all people will encounter, also cannot evade, then you thought?

Webmaster, the current website Alliance How many can rely on, Google, the first video, Ali mother, in addition to these how many alliances can be trusted, if there is no alliance, you have thought how to rely on the site to make money, life?

At present, most of the owners are relying on the income of the alliance to maintain their own lives, and some people think of him as a career, there is no other source of income, but this is a long-term solution? Now Baidu's, how many of the site is facing the danger of being K frost off the Gall, I site www.okjk.cn by Baidu toss and turn, now do not know how to do is really depressed, if the site really k, have wanted to do in the past, now still very confused. Some webmaster's new station Baidu long not included is also very helpless ...

If you are a working family, the current soaring prices and prices to your current income, you feel that your life will have good basic protection?

If you are a student, do you think you can settle down after you graduate and find a one thousand or two thousand job? Now the university student's employment pressure is big, is everybody knows, although you now still is in the school university student, but if you enter the society after a few years, depending on your present strength, you have the competitive power to have how big?

If you're self-employed, whether you're running a company, opening a shop, opening a restaurant, how long do you think you can survive on this business? In the present market competition so intense situation, there are too many companies and shops, today Open, tomorrow, this sense of crisis you have?

Every one of us is eager to have a good life, to live in a big house, to drive a nice car, but is it possible for you to go on with your current situation? Can you live a rich life for the next few decades? You can give your family, those you love, and those who love you, bring a good living conditions, Don't let them worry about life?

If you think you can do this right now, then I congratulate you, if you think you can not do it, we must find a way, not to sit still, not to deceive, the unexamined life, these realities are not escape, you do not want to do now, and later there is no way to think, the result is that you accompanied by pain, unhappy , living a tight life.

If you want to change, literally say, to the site for a long time or to do some local integration of the industry-type sites such as: Women, may be a chance for you, may wish to understand, the industry brings the effect of people really see the hope of life, and through this industry, Can also get a long-term and stable life security, I also hope that some of my experience, can help you make some choices, may change your life!

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