Webmasters should learn to manage their time

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Many stationmaster may have this kind of feeling, the time on the net every day is very long, usually more than 10 hours, feel not idle, but the useful things do very few, stationmaster should learn time management, do more things with a short time, improve work efficiency, so, you can also very relaxed!

Daytime online is really tiring, nothing can be done, is occasionally chat a day, blowing bragging, 8630.html "> sometimes print some good articles, and then lie in bed for a while, daytime if online time more than 6 hours, the evening do not want to surf the internet, also do not want to go on the group." At the same time a lot of daytime telephone, a phone to delay a few minutes, and then think for a few minutes, so one hours after a phone call, there are half an hour to be wasted.

At the same time Open QQ, there is information will open to see, my QQ friends not many people, group of people on the group can find me, most of the QQ information I could not see, because I blocked the stranger information, but the group too people, too many people, there are always people in the group to send information, so the information is always a lot, A day is spent watching information and boredom.

Later I found a problem, is to meet the teacher, always like to surf the internet after 8 o'clock in the morning, until the wee hours, he said that night is the best time to do things, day time is not how much to live, white waste of time, and one night dry work is the day n times.

So I went to bed in the afternoon, the evening to write articles, the results are really good, now I insist on eating after dinner in the afternoon to sleep, 9 o'clock up, and then began to write articles, to 4 o'clock in the morning sleep, morning 8 to get up again, and then go online to see.

QQ Most of the time is no longer open, because there is no important thing, there are important things you call me, in QQ is a waste of time.

This is a personal summary of the two rule by practice, hope for the same network friends a little Help:

One, the online time is long, does not represent can effectively use the time to be long, as far as possible rests, maintains the energetic energy several hours to be possible.

Second, as far as possible not on the QQ, we can see some famous webmaster, they have no QQ, you can put their own mailbox to everyone, others to write to you, are very solemn, and are very sincere.

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