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We often see the registration page of each website, "xx second registration" tips, here to exclude the spam site or game ads do not mention, but who has thought why should have such a hint?

Everyone is familiar with the registration process, you need to fill out a lot of information, and even have to enter the mailbox click Link to verify or activate. So our understanding of this hint is that designers want to tell users that their site registration process is not so cumbersome, so you do not have to feel fear or anxiety.

In fact, many times the registration process of your site may not let users feel fear or anxiety, this hint in the invisible to the user a psychological hint of the pressure. If we look at a normal user's point of view, when we open or register a new website, this unease may come from the uncertainty of the next series of operations.


Maybe we did spend 5 seconds registering on your website, but what happened next?


The designer can take the initiative to present such an indeterminate step, giving the user a clear idea of the steps between registering and getting valuable content. This can effectively reduce the user to face the unknown factors of unease, compared to "xx sec registration" Such hints may be more effective.

For example, a traffic statistics service such as Google Analytics is shown below. Directly on the page description, after registration, just copy and paste the corresponding JavaScript code into your site page code, you can get the service to provide you with the convenience. Simple and straightforward, easy, isn't it?


Of course, what is said here is just one way to solve a similar problem, and some websites may also adopt a method like step-by-step guidance. Perhaps you have more, better ways, and welcome to share with you.

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