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Intelligent mobile phone has become a must in people's life, 2G\3G\4G Network has advanced into the daily life. Web site Construction As a rapid development of the industry in recent years, making the network ERA plus network marketing. and 3721.html ">2014 year, what kind of website can more satisfy the user, meet the marketing target of the enterprise?" the author D.J. that the non-mobile web site, not a micro-web site mo.

We know that smartphones become the necessities of life, many public places have to share WiFi, in order to meet the needs of customers now, improve the quality of service. And most of the time, whether you're shopping or enjoying your free time at a café, we all see a picture of people slipping their fingers, or shaking them. It's obvious that you're playing with micro-letters, tweets, or inquiries.

In the 2013, many companies have been prescient in the development of corporate mobile web sites, but with the rise of micro-blogging and micro-letters, they have become the user's "play" thing, and this part of the user is an unimaginable number of increase, which is to remind companies that the micro-credit era has arrived, Seize the opportunity to better serve this year's marketing work.

First of all, we want to understand, what is a micro-site? Literally, the key is in a "micro" word. In fact, the micro-Web site from the fusion of WebApp and website innovation, compatible with iOS, Android, WP and other major operating systems, can be convenient with micro-letter, microblogging and other applications of the link to adapt to mobile client browsing the market for browsing experience and interactive performance requirements of a new generation of web sites. Compared with the traditional computer sites, micro-web sites can achieve the computer and mobile phone synchronization sales, and now the micro-site does not have to spend the cost to buy domain names, space and site records.

Combined with the advantages of the computer site, the micro-site also has its own unique advantages in it.

First, the micro-Web site in the design more concise and generous, and page resources, access speed, improve the online user experience.

Second, the micro-Web site can be based on smart phones, tablets, the resolution of automatic recognition, extended to the user a good visual experience.

Third, the micro-Web site combined with mobile data to achieve a one-click service, such as: one-click Sharing, a key to call service phone ...

Four, micro-web site and the current micro-letter, micro-Bo platform perfect combination, can be more convenient and quick to meet the needs of users inquiries.

Of course, we should find that, with the "micro" site expansion, micro-shop marketing has also entered the "micro" network, I believe that in 2014, micro-site will be more rapid integration and people's lives, become inseparable part of people's lives.

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