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Small and medium-sized enterprises have always been the main service object of Internet projects, small and medium enterprises are always the effect of the Internet is still holding pipa half cover not show effect, I collated for many years of experience in SME services, and hope that small and medium enterprises to build stations some enlightenment.

One, the purpose of the small and medium-sized enterprises to build stations-Network marketing

Enterprises to make money, to be effective this is absolutely correct truth. So the enterprise must consider the return to any investment, the construction website and the enterprise other investment does not have any difference, must consider the commercial return. Why do companies build stations? Is there a problem with the website? And so on a number of issues naturally become the primary concern of enterprises. Ali website from the success of the case, it is true that a lot of enterprise applications to make money, but also made 10 times times more than a hundredfold. Then most companies do not have to use the site to obtain benefits is also an indisputable fact. Some people make money, which means that there is a chance; Some network practitioners to the enterprise training, said the role of the site is E-commerce, customer relationship management and so on. However, as a small and medium-sized enterprises to the basis of e-commerce is too poor, logistics and payment means did not solve, E-commerce is just the perfect technical program, no practical value to the enterprise. Customer relationship Management is very necessary, everyone knows the meaning of retaining the old customers, but in the enterprise 80% customers are only in leisure time to surf the Internet, using the site as a means of customer management is not a bit farfetched? Therefore, the author believes that the main purpose of the Internet is to carry out "network Marketing", network Marketing contains part of E-commerce and customer management content, more in line with China's business situation, with low investment, quick results, technical content is not high, operating freedom of large characteristics. Network Marketing should be the direction of most enterprise website construction. Website construction revolves around the network marketing to move, revolves around the network marketing target customer group to move. Each enterprise's target customer base is different, need concrete analysis. For example, do domestic business and do foreign Trade enterprise website Construction idea is completely different; for Germany's corporate web site and the U.S.-oriented corporate web site will have a greater difference, the specific details of the author will be another chapter discussion.

second, how to manage the website of the enterprise--integrating the resources of Internet

Many enterprises to isolate the site, the lack of adequate support for the construction station, they also mistakenly think that the site even if the enterprise Internet. In fact, customers visit your site, it is equivalent to see your office, if the dust on the floor, no one reception, no one to ignore, what do you say? Your office should be manned, clean and tidy, and ready to entertain guests at all times. Coffee All of this online network is no different, the network is real, because the visitors are real people. There is no difference between the network and the reality, in reality you use what method receives the guest, talks about the business, uses the same method in the website! No use? It does not matter, more famous marketing website to learn (, a long time will be. Here I simply tell you, the network needs special management, regular maintenance, do not let customers see in 2003 2000 years of news, do not let customers send an email will never receive a reply, another customer for three consecutive years to see the site the same face. The website is like a potted plant that you raise, must watering every day only. Now many corporate sites are not responsible for the company, the enterprise itself does not attach importance to network marketing, what talk about getting returns? Please remember, "Network Marketing" is the leader of the project, leaders should pay attention to, to give support, the most important is not money, is the determination-is the determination to integrate resources.

three, small and medium-sized enterprise website construction some skills

in order to give the viewer a whole feeling, I extract some of the technology to build the station to achieve skills, hope to build a station to help.

1 About UI Design

ui=user Interface, user interface meaning. Many design companies to understand the UI as a simple interface design, in fact, the site is more important to the structure of things, so that users spend the least time to find what they need, but also to take into account, highlighting the corporate image, this is the basic goal of UI design. The most important thing in business design is to pay attention to the user's usage and the arrangement of the data.

2 About resolution

Many imperfect designs will deliberately avoid this problem. Because whether the program is printed or on the computer demo program is basically not see this problem, but really to foreign customers there, often go wrong. Now more popular display can reach 1280, but users often have their own preferences in the setting, is generally 800x600,1024x768 set a little more, also useful 1152 and 1280, especially foreign customers, they tend to use liquid crystal display, The current LCD default resolution is more than 1024 of the. So in the design of the time must take into account the situation under different resolutions, strive to achieve good results.

3 about Browsers

in China, IE browser has become the de facto standard, but other types of browsers in foreign markets have a relatively large market share, which has a problem, if you consider other browsers, the site's dynamic characteristics or functions will be greatly limited, Because many of the new feature support is proposed by Microsoft, other browsers do not support it. So from this point of view, the function is mainly practical, do not have too many special effects, lest in other browsers look messy. Even if the need for special effects, it is best to choose Flash, such as all supported by the standard, do not choose Java, because ie6.0 Java support is very poor. This problem is actually involved in the competition between Microsoft and other browser manufacturers, from the image of our business and the fundamental interests of the special effects as little as possible.

4 about search engines and keyword

website built after landing search engine to help customers find your site, which is a very important part of network marketing. The mechanism of search engine is different, but most of them support keyword. You need to find the keywords related to your company and add it when you make your site. But there is another problem, if your site is pure flash, then in general, the keyword is difficult to add. So be sure to avoid making all flash stations, preferably a hybrid design. Both effect and speed, but also add a lot of keywords.

5 Flash problem

Now more and more enterprises choose to use Flash to make the company website, like that gorgeous effect. But some issues need to be noted: for example, Flash is not easy to maintain, if there is a need to update the part is very inconvenient; Flash operations rely on the client, high requirements, if you are on your own computer or in the design of the company's computer to see the effect is very smooth, does not mean that everyone can see this effect Flash if you need to insert a large number of text, it is best to use dynamic input text, so small size, and look more clear, do not play shape, remember! Remember!

6 website Background Technology

site background generally divided into two camps: Linux+apache+php+mysql and Nt+iis+asp+sqlserver.

unless you are very confident of your company's technical strength, or choose the latter one, so in the development and maintenance of the later is more convenient. Technicians are also relatively easy to find. But if your site features very strong requirements, a large number of users, may be the latter one can not, then consider the previous scenario.

7 about network security and data backup

now has more and more powerful companies to buy a server for their own use, it is necessary to pay special attention to the problem of network security. Because many companies in front of a number of rental space experience, but at that time by the professional company responsible for network security, now buy their own servers, to face such problems, many companies are not aware of its seriousness. If you have your own server, preferably by a professional company or network management to be responsible for cybersecurity and data backup such things, or if you encounter hackers or viruses and so on silly--painstakingly accumulated customer data or site content is lost.

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