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I have a website for the old server out of the question, you need to migrate to a new server, the whole process can be described as twists and turns, then how to avoid walking on it, I share some of their own experience to everyone, I hope everyone on a similar issue Be solved, less detours.

First, the choice of space business

Western Digital preparation for the previous virtual space, uploading the code and the database took a lot of time and found that the limited number of binding domain name, and the domain name can not be mapped to the specified directory, there are many bottlenecks in the data synchronization, and finally think or left Good foreign space business godaddy.

Second, data import

fa68 data has almost reached a G, although godaddy phpmyadmin provides a file to upload 1G, but taking into account the page upload speed is too slow, and possible network interruption, and then through the remote client native connection to import the implementation of sql, through More than an hour into the process and found more than 300 native tips, only part of the table into the success, suggested that the wrong MySQL server has gone away, may be DB connection timeout, and data derived mysql version and the imported version of the conflict, so Forced to cancel this way. Finally accidentally saw the SSH function in Godaddy cPanel, then easy to handle, log in to the old server through the SCP command to remotely synchronize the file to the new server now, in fact, the remaining things to this step should be very simple, but I use the magical mysqldump order to import sql file to the database (such as: mysqldump-uusername-ppwd -hlocalhost-P3306 fa68 <fa68_20140906.sql import), the results of each failed to complete the implementation of the final access to the information found order to use Error, the normal import sql file command is: mysql-uusename-ppwd -hlocalhost -P3306 fa68 <fa68_20140906.sql, how low-level error, even I can not forgive myself.

Third, URL rewriting

Because before the purchase is confirmed godaddy support rewrite function, originally thought that as long as the code up, modify some of the configuration, you can run up, but the world is unpredictable, access pseudo-static pages when: No input file specified, also Is the 404 error page, and finally through a variety of methods to troubleshoot: Yes godaddy php did not identify the pathinfo cause, because godaddy is using Fastcgi mode, php does not support the target path of the pathinfo resolution, since it is easy to find the problem, modify RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Index.php / $ 1 [QSA, PT, L] instead of RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Index.php? S = $ 1 [QSA, PT, L], this perfect solution to site visits.

Fourth, the server configuration

Because there is no previous analysis of site visit statistics were analyzed, the first purchase Godaddy configuration is Resource Level 1, is the most basic configuration, the configuration is as follows: CPU 1, Physical Memory 512M, process 100, the results of a site on the line , Resulting in a large number of php crash, php main process restart, the CPU reaches 100%, the memory crashes, leading to a large number of newly registered users, send advertising information data lost, a look QQ has a lot of avatars flashing, to know why a lot? All are complaints from the site users, the background monitoring center emergency, the final configuration upgrade to Resource Level 2, a variety of configuration parameters doubled, the problem was solved.

Own summary analysis, the migration encountered a variety of problems, I think it is not fully considered in the previous period, such as space providers to choose, not enough understanding of godaddy products, there is no need to configure the site to have a practical assessment, did not go Analyze the risk points that may be encountered, did not make any rollback measures, so confused on the line, resulting in a large number of user complaints feedback, the user experience is extremely poor. Summary of this migration: do one thing, must think twice before action, must have an overall understanding of this matter, each involved in the analysis by the table and so on, so you design the whole thing Well, you will find the next thing is so smooth, simple, perfect, in short, the details and attitude determine the success or failure!

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