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About the purchase of Web site space considerations related to the content has been very rich on the network, however, according to the experience and lessons of the establishment of prehistoric station, many times in the space problem, so I think it is necessary for us to remind, to avoid the problem of space and let our labor in vain.

Requirements for web space:

1, the choice of space first requirements: to meet the requirements of the Web site, size, type, support language, traffic, such as IIS to meet the basic needs of users. This should be based on the different needs of each user to determine, has been very detailed introduction, here do not repeat.

2, the second choice of space requirements: stability, security. This is our choice of space the most critical factor, can not meet the conditions of the absolute can not choose, even if it is not money, we can not use. If space instability can seriously affect the user experience, the same search engine will not trust a site that is often not open.

3, the choice of space third requirements: speed. In the case of meeting the above two prerequisites, the speed of Web site access is another factor that must be considered, the speed of space access will greatly enhance the user experience, increase the viscosity of the site, if a site opened to wait half a day, the general will choose to close and look for other sites. Then the domestic double line is a better choice, some space can support CDN acceleration, that access speed is faster, we in the choice of space time also must pay attention to this point.

Some considerations for buying space

1. Space Business Choice. In fact, this problem is also very difficult to deal with, the large space provider to change the space stability, security, speed, but the price of expensive, service general, and small space business price is cheap, and some space is also relatively stable, then how should we choose? Open Minin Personal advice or choose a large space business, Because security and stability is the first, small space business price is cheap, maybe when said to run away on the run, then want to cry no tears. Minin has a bitter lesson, put a less important website in a only 36 yuan a year of Hong Kong space, as a result, the space business encountered problems, the data are all lost, and there is no compensation, directly ran away, and experienced several times the situation of data loss, regret Ah, now choose a large space provider to provide services, Although the price is slightly more expensive, but the space is stable, data security is guaranteed, pay is also worthwhile. There is also a point is that the big space vendors encounter problems when they can be more comfortable to deal with, for example, encounter DDoS attacks, small space business generally direct replacement IP, and large space merchants can use CDN means to defend, as for the specific space business I do not recommend, there is suspicion of AD, We can go to Baidu search is very clear.

2, the basic parameters of space selection, size, type, iis,cpu, flow, bandwidth, access speed. This is the basic requirements of the site, according to the station's own needs to determine. The size of the space is needless to say, we must remember the time to check whether the space exceeds the capacity, it is best to leave a certain amount of redundancy. Space type, ASP and ASPX recommendations for Windows host, while PHP is best to use Linux hosts. If it is an enterprise website, IIS,CPU and traffic are not too high, the general space can meet the requirements. And if it is a large portal, large forums, online downloads, online viewing and other sites, then the proposal must pay attention to iis,cpu and bandwidth requirements.

3, Space support services, pseudo static, 301, online decompression, one-click installation, fast Web site Backup, service response time, scalability. If the site requires pseudo static settings, then it is necessary to choose to support pseudo static space, 301 support is best to support, because we may use to get this service at any time, it is best to support, online decompression, one-click installation, fast Web site backup can greatly improve our upload efficiency and speed, it is best to support. Scalability means that we increase the space, increase the database to be convenient and free, when the space needs to expand the free expansion. Service response time is also to be concerned about, because the space can not guarantee that there will be no problems, often encountered on the 400,500 errors, database repair and other issues, when we encounter these problems need to be able to respond as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about choosing a space

1, Hong Kong or the United States if the target population of the site is domestic, then of course, the choice of domestic space, and we have a lot of webmaster's domain name does not have to record the case will have to choose the space abroad, this situation we still suggest the choice of Hong Kong space, access to U.S. space must be through the Trans-Pacific submarine cable, speed will certainly have certain impact , and because of jet lag, our service response is also not guaranteed, another language barrier is to be considered.

2, independent IP or shared IP has many friends that independent IP must be better than shared IP, in fact, independent IP and shared IP as long as this IP is not punished, then basically will not be too much difference, we do not have too persistent pursuit of independent IP, of course, if there are special requirements in this regard can also be considered, The cost of independent IP is not very high, 200 or so a year can be done.

3, the virtual host or server virtual host use simple and convenient, stability and security do not worry, but for bandwidth, iis,cpu lack of inevitable defects, and the use of a number of restrictions, not as good as the server for their own. It is also based on the requirements to determine, when the bandwidth, IIS and CPU requirements, or the data volume is particularly large, occupy a lot of space, it is possible to consider the server, of course, select the server must bear the corresponding costs.

4, Linux or Windows if it is ASP and ASPX Web site, can only choose the Windows host, if it is a PHP site, can choose either Windows can choose Linux, the proposed choice of Linux, performance than the same configuration of the Windows host much better. There is a bitter lesson is that there is no understanding of the customer's website on the purchase of Linux space, but the customer site is ASP, although also can support, but there are many problems, and finally helpless only personal free to help do the code conversion, very painful lesson.

Some questions to pay attention to purchase space

1, the price is absolutely no good goods. Keep in mind that you should not stare your eyes at the price. There must be no good goods at a bargain price.

2, do not easily believe that unlimited iis,cpu. Mentioned above, the promise of unlimited iis,cpu is generally not credible, unless it is a stand-alone server, even if the VPS to limit the CPU, so absolutely not credulous.

3, do not easily believe that unlimited bandwidth, traffic. If you are a download station and the space trader tells you unlimited bandwidth and traffic, then you have to be careful, you must confirm, or you will be told that the flow exceeded the cup, and the Open Mick has a lesson is that there is a classification information station, the flow is not large, but because a lot of people send information, so will occupy bandwidth, A day 1000IP station, by the space business directly stopped and no notice, later a question, directly said you back up the data, refund. It's really very silent to meet this kind of thing.

4, free binding subdirectory is not possible. Since increasing the number of subdirectory bindings will increase the application pool, it will increase the server burden, occupy the server resources, if not limited then you have to be careful whether you are fooled.

Said so much, in fact, there are many questions about space there is no mention, here this is the opening of the rice based on personal experience to provide you with a number of suggestions, for reference only, if there is not exhaustive place, but also please webmaster a lot of exchanges, open the rice is always welcome. Article by the opening of the Http:// SEO (original) published, Welcome to reprint.

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