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Can the website make money? Many webmasters have no bottom in their hearts. As a webmaster, not like a donkey just work hard, many times to raise their heads to ask yourself.

1. Are you aware of your site's needs?

What are the groups that your site faces? What are their common characteristics and common interests? How big is the market for this user group and whether it is sustainable development? Does your site provide content that netizens now need?

Only to determine the needs of their own website, to the right remedy.

2. Are you aware of the development of the industry?

What is your site's competitive advantage in the industry? What are the success factors of the industry boss? What is your website's development direction in the industry? Can you tell the characteristics of your website? What kind of content and functional adjustments are you going to make to meet the needs of your site's users?

No one industry is not competitive, there is no competition in the industry is certainly not to make money in the industry, so, do the site at the same time must understand the site in the industry, the so-called enemy, to win.

3. Is there a clear development plan and concept?

Your site after a long period of development, to convey the concept of the site? What are the development plans for the Year 3, 5 and 10? What are the implementation plans for the last one months, week, and day? What kind of effect do you want to achieve? What promotional methods will be used in the short and long term to promote the website?

People without foresight, there must be worries, a successful website must have long-term effective planning and ideas. This includes your site planning concept, the promotion of communication planning concepts and so on.

4. Is there a clear profit model?

How much will your site spend on each phase of development? How long does your site expect to bring your first income? How does your site plan for the proportion of investment in technology inputs and promotions? How long and how much money does it take to fully realize your website planning and ideas? Can you clearly say what kind of profit model to make money after a certain stage?

Will make money of the site will always have their own successful profit model, a good profit model can make the webmaster more than twice. For example, the Web game platform is a small and medium-sized Webmaster Alliance platform, as long as there is a website, traffic and popularity is good, the webmaster can go in. In their own station to add a page game board, the game's operation, development, and improve all to the platform to do, the webmaster to do is to promote, and this is often the strength of the webmaster, as long as the users of their own website into the game, there is the opportunity to make money.

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