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If you want to make a successful website promotion and want to make your site more traffic, then you must know how to use keywords. Knowing how to choose a good keyword can make your site look clearer, personal summaries of how to choose, how to use keyword methods, and discuss with you.

Here are three tips for using the right keywords:

1, you can use a number of tools to help you select the keyword

There are some tools that can help you find some unpopular, less competitive keywords. These tools help you find unique keywords that are unique and mean fewer competitors, so it's easier for your site to get a good ranking on these keywords. As long as the keyword selection is good, traffic will increase. There are a lot of tools or websites for filtering keywords right now, such as "Google keyword Tool" is a free web site that filters keywords. There is also a tool "WordTracker" function is good, but the charge. Interested friends can look.

2, know where to put in the keyword

Once you've found the good keywords you need, that must know how to use these keywords, that is, how to distribute keywords on the site, such as the title of the site, you want to ensure that the title contains the keywords you want to use, in addition to the text content in the appropriate distribution, but pay attention to control the keyword density,

3. Diversification of the use of promotional methods

The keyword is distributed well, then you need to generalize it, can use a lot of different ways to promote, such as: articles, videos, classified ads, Pay-per-click, banners, blogs, soft wen, such as you can write a high-quality soft text, in which you want to promote the keyword, and you can also do a video, In the blog to publish with the keyword article, anyhow anyway all have to find ways to put the key words cleverly placed to promote the carrier, so when others see your promotion article, video, the website keyword also along with it, thus can attract more traffic to your website.

A successful website promotion, keyword Choice can be said to be a basic work, and other promotion is based on this. So pay attention to the choice and distribution of keywords, which will make your website promotion with less effort.

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