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Forum Promotion Advantages:
1. Can bring back the high weight of the link;
2. Because the target customer base is accurate, gathers, can bring more potential users:

Forum to promote the shortcomings:
1. The direct export link is limited when posting.
2. Post easy to seal ID; Forum Promotion we can not blindly, the first to find a popular forum, and then find the most interested in the topic, and then give a reason, let these people to browse the content of your site. This also has to hype the meaning. Don't go to the forum just to post a posting. It only takes time to think this way.

A successful Forum promotion method includes the following points:

First, select the Forum
1. Popularity;
2. Have their own potential customer groups;
3. Has the signature function, can write the export link;
4. Modification function

Second, article content editing
1. To create an eye-catching article title, to arouse the curiosity of visitors. For example: "Brother Sharp is Baidu CEO Robin Li's son";
2. The content of the article to be controversial, so that netizens argue with each other, will be replies. and content to be related to forum topics, otherwise, the irrelevant will be sealed with the ID;
3. The content of the article to be consistent with their own site keyword, rather than just get a pile of text, with a link to the home page, that will only be search engine think is a spam link, and then affect the weight of the site;
4. The content of the article to appear the key words, the location requirements: the first paragraph, middle, tail.
5. The key words appearing in the article to be bold, tell the search engine the word is very important, and add anchor text links to their own to promote the Web page, of course, to see whether the forum to limit the export link.
Third, forum posts.
1. Posting
in the forum to find some high rate of post, modify the title, improve the content of the following to get other forums for posting, remember at the end of the post plus their own website URL and key words form the advertising language. (last year Spring Festival, I saw a friend in the Spring Festival travel ticket experience to share, I took to the posted in NetEase, and on the first days of NetEase home to my site to bring thousands of IP traffic every day).
2. Advertising to be clever
Post when published not to start advertising, such posts are easy to be used as advertising paste deleted, how to do? You can use long paste short hair style, in the back of the post to send ads, generally will not be deleted.
Four, the forum replies
If you want to send ads in the reply, you must strive for the top 5 post, so the probability of being browsed a little higher, to search just published posts.
Fifth, Avatar Design and signature
Avatar can be designed specifically to promote their own brand, signature can be added to their own website introduction and connection.
In general, I am in the process of optimization for the company's website will also go to some forums, and community posts, its effect is very good, not only to increase the number of sites outside the chain, but also promote the website products and corporate brand image for the company brought a lot of potential customers. Should note that the posted to have quality, you can write some good soft text to some of their own web site related to the forum or community to publish.
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