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WDCP is the abbreviation of Wdlinux Control Panel, a Linux server management system developed in PHP and a virtual host management system, designed to make it easy to use Linux as our Web server, as well as the usual management operations on Linux servers, Can be completed in the background of WDCP.

With WDCP, you can easily create Web sites, create FTP, create MySQL databases, and so on.

Simple, convenient and easy to operate. Let you easily use and manage Linux servers, and Web sites, Ftp,mysql, do not understand Linux can also use Linux as a server.

Functional features

WDCP includes server management, Web site management (web site, ftp,mysql database), File Manager

as follows:

Server Management features

1 Support Apache,nginx. Nginx+apache, Directory Access restrictions, a perfect solution to the problem of using scripts to cross station access, improve security.

2 Online View system resources, running time, system load, memory usage, top information

3 Online connection number management, connection statistics, single IP connection number, connection status statistics, Web Connection number, MySQL connection number

4 Online management system service, stop, start, set up with system

5 Online port management, can detect the opening port, close the port

6 Online management process, view process, terminate process kill

7 online Set IP address, add, delete

8 Online memory management, to view memory usage, free memory online

9 Set up the DNS IP address used by the server online

10 Execute shell command online, such as Ifconfig,ls,date

11 View disk Usage online

12 online file management, editable, modified, packaged, decompressed, modify attributes (see below for more information)

13 Online View system log, SSH login log, FTP log, etc.

14 Online Restart server, shutdown, restart related application services, such as Web,mysql,ftp,ssh

15 set mysql,php commonly used parameters on line, can also directly edit the configuration file

16 Online Set up firewall (iptables), can add rules, open IP, port, restrict IP access, etc.

17 Online Setup SELinux Security Configuration

18 Online admin ssh, port modification, limit root user login, DNS interpretation, set public key login and password

19 online set to ping value, to some extent to protect the server security

20 Online Background Direct upgrade, easy to operate

21 Increase ordinary user management (can modify FTP user password, MySQL database password, domain name State)

22 Increase network card traffic actual view

Website management function

1 new Web site, modify, delete, set default home page, log record, domain name state, level two domain name (site files uploaded to the FTP home directory under the public_html directory)

2 Support Online Set rewrite rules, add, modify, delete (this operation should pay attention to the wrong rewrite rules, may cause the site will not open, more often)

3 Support Online Set 400,401,403,404,405,500,503 error orientation page (This page content under the FTP home directory under the public_html/errpage/, can be modified)

4 can be online state-level two domain name, using the two-level domain name to create a site

5 FTP user management, you can set up a separate FTP user, modify password, delete, limit the size of FTP space

6 MySQL user management, can be built independent MySQL database, password modification, delete and so on. Can limit MySQL use size, more features, can use phpMyAdmin

7 Background Integration phpMyAdmin, better management of MySQL

8 Support website, database, FTP online package backup

Online File Manager

1 editable, modified, deleted, packaged, unpacked, modified permissions/attributes, owner, all groups

2 Pack/Unzip online (support. tar,tar.gz,tgz,bz2,zip format), download

3 Support for online file editing

4 use of the Recycle Bin function to increase security, all delete (background-only operation) files will be staged in the Recycle Bin, in case of accidental deletion, misoperation, etc.

5 can periodically clean the Recycle Bin (for security reasons, this content can be deleted only using tool software such as SSH,SCP,WINSCP3)

6 supports remote downloading of files, which can be downloaded directly from the server

7 can be created online file, folder

Instructions for use:

What is Q:WDCP?

A:WDCP is the abbreviation of Wdlinux Control Panel, a Linux server management system developed by PHP. Designed to ease the use and management of Linux servers, virtual hosts/websites, ftp,mysql databases, etc.

What systems are supported by Q:WDCP?

A: Currently confirmed support has CentOS 5.x,centos 6.x,ubuntu 11.X, as well as our optimized custom edition, Wdos,wdlinux_base

Does Q:WDCP support 64-bit?

A: You can fully support 32 and 64 bits

Q:WDCP Admin Backend Port can be modified?

A: Yes, the background default port is 8080, you can modify it directly in the background, we propose to modify more than 8000 of the number

What is the default user password for the Q:WDCP background?

A: The default username is: admin, password is

What web engines or application environments are supported by Q:WDCP

A: Currently supported in three, as follows




In the WDCP backstage can switch these three kinds of application environment freely

Does Q:WDCP support pseudo static (rewrite)?

A: Fully supported and supported by the default installation, but note that the pseudo static rules are different depending on the Web engine you are using

Mainly nginx,apache these two required pseudo static rules are not the same, should be based on the actual use of the adjustment

LNMP uses Nginx rules.

Lamp,lnamp uses the Apache rule

Q: Do you support HTTPS?

A: Support.

Earlier installed version, you need to compile the PHP can be, specific to see HTTP://WWW.WDLINUX.CN/BBS/VIEWTHREAD.PHP?TID=3657&HIGHLIGHT=HTTPS

Q:WDCP Software Environment installation location and related directory?

A: The default is to install in the WWW directory

/www/wdlinux is the Software installation directory

/www/web Default Web site hosting root directory

/www/backup Default Backup root directory

Q:WDCP background to create a Web site to store the directory?

A: After the creation of the site, the root directory, there is a public_html directory, this directory, is the site stored directory, that is, your site or program files uploaded to the directory can, this is necessary.

Q: Background Prompts the successful decompression, but the real-time files are not extracted to

A:ssh log on to the server and perform the following

Yum Install-y Unzip

Log back in the background decompression can

Q: Do you support log cutting or storage site root directory?

A: Support, set in the WDCP background, the function set, the second genius will see the effect

Q:FTP login is empty or list error or prompt data error?

A: This is the FTP active/passive mode reason, in the FTP software option, put these two settings check or cancel try

Q: In PHP to add truncation module problem, for example, in the php.ini "Extension=php_curl.dll" in front of the note removed not effective?

A: Because this load mode is the PHP application under Windows, not Linux, DLL file is also proprietary Windows system, I hope some novice, do not make this mistake again

In Linux, the general template file suffix is. So, in PHP, to add modules, but also need to compile the corresponding module, but as the above curl this function of the module, the default system has been supported by the


1. How to install WDCP

When you buy an American VPS, you can install the system you want on your own operating platform. You can use the Windows Server system to use Linux systems such as the CentOS system. Often many friends would argue that using a Linux VPS is safer than using a Windows system, and that the Linux system is not available to friends who have never been exposed to Linux. In fact, as long as the method is applied, Linux systems have a simpler way to use than Windows systems. Let's teach you to manage your CentOS system through the WDCP panel.

The first step: Install the required components of the WDCP panel.

Yum install-y gcc gcc-c++ make autoconf libtool-ltdl-devel gd-devel freetype-devel libxml2-devel libjpeg-devel Libpng-dev El openssl-devel curl-devel patch libmcrypt-devel libmhash-devel ncurses-devel sudo bzip2

Step two: Download and unzip the package


Tar zxvf lanmp_v2.3.tar.gz

Step three: One-click Installation WCDP

2. This package provides a total of three lnamp,lamp,lnmp, such as configuration, according to their own site to select one of the requirements.

Fourth Step: Login WDCP the background to start Management Server

Special reminder: After the panel installation is complete, be sure to modify the background and the database administrator's default password.


1. Default System background User password


2.L Default database administrator password


Fifth step: More personalized Settings Reference

1.PHP optional component installation; For example: mysqli Such extensions are not installed by default, and you can refer to the following tutorials if you need to install them.


2.WDCP operation Tutorial; many friends after the installation, because unfamiliar lead to use difficulties, so if you are difficult to use this panel, you can view the tutorial.

WDCP background mail settings and usage instructions

WDCP started with the 2.3 version, adding a mail delivery feature

and support two ways, one is to use SendMail, one is to use the Outland mailbox, such as QQ mailbox, 163 mailbox and so on

2, WDCP background mail settings and use instructions

This email is only limited to WDCP backstage use, for example, send email to other users or members in WDCP backstage.

Note that only the WDCP of the backend use, that is, not with the front-end Web site or other sites on the server's mail function suddenly, completely independent

The original mail function of your website, how to use or how to use, there is no connection

WDCP background of this mail function, for the general user, is actually not used, because of their own use of the server, there is no mail can be sent

In fact, this feature is intended for use in Wddns, and is used by many users in Wddns, sending emails to those registered users

WDCP can be used when there are many users or when doing a virtual host

Other situations, personal use or VPS users, this function, basically useless or say is not used, as a decoration

Specific settings

1 When you use SendMail to send, you can not set

2 through the socket to send, the relevant SMTP, port, user password, etc., the corresponding settings can be

3, WDCP Port use instructions

The default for the WDCP background is 8080 ports (wdcp2.2 can be modified directly in the background)

Lamp environment

HTTPD 80 ports.

LNMP Environment

Nginx 80 ports.

In the Lnamp environment (i.e. Nginx front end, handle static, picture etc, Apache backstage, handle PHP dynamic)

Apache uses port 88 (not modifiable)

NGINXD uses 80 ports (background can be modified)

Here in particular, in the LNAMP environment, there are multiple ports, I hope no one asked why Apache with 88 ports

The FTP default port is 21

You can also change the background directly from wdcp2.2

WDCP background, the default port, is 8080, can be modified to other ports WDCP background, you can restrict access to IP addresses, but also to restrict access to domain names

Having made these restrictions and settings, it has been relatively safe, and generally no one knows and can access your backstage

But there are some cases, is the search engine, some of the background of the address also included, so as to the background of the address to the burst of dew

The above list is only a few common problems, if you have more questions and use the process of problems, you can go to the Wdlinux forum to find relevant tutorials or ask questions, we discuss.

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