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This report big, the appearance of good Shaanxi Apple unsalable, so that farmers are very worried. Understand this news, the newspaper launched the Shaanxi Apple "net" public action, a number of well-known electrical and caring units actively involved in helping farmers solve problems. In addition, many farmers call the government to build a platform to provide them with help.

"We see the evening news after the public activities, want to buy a batch of apples, for the fruit of a force." Xi ' an Weiyang District notary office, a surname Zhao staff said, although they purchase a limited number, but see the fruit growers anxious sell apple, also want to do their modest help growers.

Yesterday, Luochuan County North Valley town Ganji Village song Master calls, the Apple bumper harvest this year, the amount of large, coupled with earlier prices, Apple is not good to sell out. Now, 100,000 pounds of Apple can only quietly "lie" in the cellar, song Master said.

"I hope the government will increase support to help farmers solve the problem of Apple difficult to sell." Master Song said the government should set up a platform and do some promotional activities to ease Apple's unsalable status. At the same time, Liquan County Steder mo Ear Village Master Li said, many farmers have no sales experience, can only wait for customers to come, so Apple unsalable situation is serious. I hope the government can help farmers and contact http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18505.html "> Sales channels.

As of yesterday, through this newspaper register of unsalable apples more than 22 million kg. This newspaper initiative of the major units, groups can lend a hand to help, purchase unsalable apples, for farmers brother solve problems, contact hotline 029-87624127.

This group of manuscripts by reporter Wang He xiaoyun intern Wang Aili Jiang Jia

Apple Formal information

Number of places contact phone notes

Pucheng County Luo bin Zhen Yong Ping Cun Village 10 million Jin Mr. Wei 15309130371 70 specifications above bagging Red Fuji

Liquan County Steder Village 1 million Jin Mr. Li 15619557893 70 specifications above Red Fuji

Xianyang Shuang Zhao Zhen Pang bei cun Village 1 million Jin Mr. Zhang 13279583856 75 specifications above Red Fuji

Qian County Wang Cun Zhen Shang Guan Village 1 million Jin Mr. Xi 18064336460 mixed load 70 specifications above

Liquan County Steder Mu Jia Village 5 million Jin Ms. Chen 15929767887 75 specifications above Red Fuji

Xingping South Town Chen Wang Village 200,000 Jin Mr. Yang 13474271792 70 specifications above Red Fuji

Xianyang Wugong County zhen Yuan Xiang 40,000 Jin Ms. Li 15002959356 various specifications

Liquan County New Time Township Zhang Shennan Village 300,000 Jin Mr. Chen 15877617303 70~75 specifications Red Fuji

Luochuan County North Fruit Town 100,000 Jin Mr. Song 13636728735 70 specifications above Red Fuji

Weinan Baishui County under Xu and Zhuo Village 30,000 kg Guo Yonghong 13991547371 75 specifications above bagging Red Fuji

Liquan County Town Yan Dong Cun 10,000 jin Mr. Guo 18229062934 70 specifications above Red Fuji

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