What are the advantages and disadvantages of IOS, Android, BlackBerry three systems

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There is no doubt that the four smart mobile systems that currently dominate the market are Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone and the BlackBerry Black Berry OS, so let's compare the latest versions of iOS, Android and BlackBerry systems on these four platforms, To see who is the best intelligent mobile system, and analyze their respective advantages and disadvantages? Open Android, Love and hate first talk about Android, the Android system should be the most widely used mobile phone operating system in the current smartphone, compared to the other two systems, Android is very open, So that it can do so many unexpected things, in some sense it is more like a computer system, the reason for the majority of Android Monopoly is certainly with its free sex inseparable, plus Android platform 400,000 program of huge resources, many mobile phone manufacturers will choose it, also created the fiery Android, Android's advantage lies in its hyper-open system, which leaves more space for users and software developers, but the Android system drags hardware so much that it is slower than the iOS and BlackBerry system models. Let's talk about the resources of Android 400,000 apps, many of them bad software/games, lots of malware and Trojans, Android doesn't offer a more complete user service, no hot cloud service, and security is the most deadly weakness of Android. Finally, the development of Android, because of the opening of Android, download game software in the third party market, so much so that cracked game software flooding, causing the interests of developers frustrated, now more developers willing to turn to iOS or Windows Phone platform open, the future long-term resources of the Android platform remains to be seen. iOS system, more security, less openness next to talk about iOS system, iOS is a great mobile phone system, whether it is system security, system integration, User Services, cloud technology, application resources, etc. are first-class, user experience is great, iOS has more than 500,000 of the application resources, And most of them are quality applications, rarely inferior, the system does not drag hardware, fluent is one of its advantages, the UI is very simple, there is no Third-party UI design, unlike Android, the original rotten death, third party flooding. In addition, iOS official only support the official market downloads, which makes the user's security and the interests of the developers have been a good protection, and the addition of new icloud services to your contacts, Notepad, scheduling, purchase of applications, photos and so on are securely stored on the Apple server, Lost mobile phone is not afraid of data loss, in addition, iOS also provides equipment lost after the remote wipe device data, locating device location, etc., so that the security of iOS system greatly improved. The advantages of iOS are many and many, if you want to say a disadvantage, it is closed to bring some inconvenience, consumers need to spend a lot to download and use the application. In addition, storage is not supported by storage cards is a disadvantage, but Apple does not seem to think so, and we don't expect Apple to change. BlackBerry system, Maverick, entertainment lack of the latest BlackBerry BlackBerry10 system in the current smartphone field can be said to be maverick, the BlackBerry system gives people the feeling is very business, less entertainment, such as the current BlackBerry is not a micro-letter is an example. It features support for push-email, mobile phone, text messaging, Internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services. But from the high efficiency, the whole keyboard with BlackBerry system, you can do in the main screen press a key to enter the program you want, you can set a lot of software shortcut keys, access to the program, directly typing can be keyboard. Therefore, the opening of Bis+bes BlackBerry its office efficiency and the efficiency of sending and receiving mail and cooperation with BES Business services, office capacity is pure torture of other platforms of mobile phones. If you want to work and entertain, then don't choose the BlackBerry system's phone. After talking about the three advantages and disadvantages of iOS, Android and BlackBerry, we should not only ask, is there a kind of mobile phone both security protection, and a wide range of applications, but also the advantages of the above three kinds of mobile phone operating systems in one? The answer, of course, is that the same continent 960 dual system solutions. First of all, the 960 OS is a stand-alone operating system, using the programming language for C/s + +, and Android programming language is Java, the two are not related, but the 960 dual-system immune phone using 960 OS as the underlying system, on which the operation of the Android system, the two systems can be arbitrarily switched It allows users to safely use Android, while enjoying the easy application of the Android platform without having to worry about the security of the system, as it can provide all the mobile phone applications required, as shown in the following figure. This can meet the mobile phone users just need the application needs, and has a wealth of entertainment applications, it can be said that the fish and bear paws can be both. At the same time, dual system applications and data completely isolated, the Android system infected with the virus does not affect the use of just-needed applications.
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