What are the years of the average SEO skills?

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In those years, the per capita SEO skills are still rule-based, starting from 09 to contact with SEO, is from a book began to pay attention to the industry, review the past life, look past those SEO skills, so want to write an SEO tutorial class articles, those years, we have been chasing SEO skills, perhaps, you remember, Also please do not too much attention to these biased theory of the written, all the WYSIWYG, all rely on their own from the drip to dig slowly.

1 keyword density: Remember that there is a clear written wording is a page of the keyword density of the best in 2%-8%, I believe a lot of friends know, but do you know how many people have been infected from this point? Maybe we always start with the data, And then accurately control the density of each page of the problem, that time someone said seowhy home seo keyword density reached more than 15%, but still stable occupy SEO rankings, can explain what? or so, now a page of the keyword more and more refined, But you can't control each keyword, because the page contains a long tail keyword, the main keyword, and then slowly extend the achievement of a page, such a page is beyond control.

And, more importantly, if you are in the SEO interview, if the examiner asked you, a page of the keyword density is how much, how should you answer? This question is left to you to think about it, if it is you, what you should do; Some are those who have been observed by the practice of knowledge, SEO does not have the keyword density of the point frame, there are some of their own experience. So in this question, you can not answer, but only say, seo no keyword density said, more or less, for the ranking factors can not be prudent, user experience is everything.

2 familiar parallelism sentence title

Always feel that SEO has created such a title form, as shown below


I always believe that the incubator keyword here is a combination of the form of SEO publicity, it's true, "long tail keywords, long tail keywords, long tail keywords – company names", etc. these are good for both the primary keyword and the long tail keyword, but we should not forget that If the title is just a stack of keywords, then these keywords are far from enough, all in this case, a variety of enterprises through the optimization of a variety of long tail words to obtain orders, an enterprise at least 5-6 sites (this is gossip); Under this heading wind, many optimization methods for enterprise station are like this, first change the title ( Long tail--long tail form), and then through the outgoing chain, then about 1-3 months later, there will be a certain effect (search is not high in the case), so, slowly a lot of network companies have appeared, the quality of service inconsistencies, but the backward network is different, he first will be the whole station analysis, after a certain analysis of the structure , for the site adjustment, commonly known as the structure of the SEO, and then the relevance of the construction of the chain, this and other companies are completely different, is a responsible team.

Many times, when we indulge in this title, we will ignore the website on their own brand building, the following map keyword construction


About the title, this title is through the introduction of its associated services to establish a certain brand, but also a good exposure to their own company name, as seowhy, such as A5,chinaz, such as well-known sites, such as the establishment of brand sites, through the related products and brands gained visibility; These will also bring us more enlightenment.

3 Outside the chain for the Emperor's Way

At that time, we are still trying to send out the chain, remember the FEI interview the first SEO company, eldest brother asked me a sentence, seo the main is what, I answered a lot, and then he said a word "SEO the most important thing is to do outside the chain", then I did not say a word, OK, I understand.

Indeed, the chain for the emperor know, a few years ago is a sharp weapon, the content is not important, outside the chain is the most important, so there is the legend of the chain for the emperor, slowly outside the chain flooding, the emergence of a variety of garbage links, garbage station group, and so on a series of popular events, and outside the chain is not open, remember that time the "left-carnitine", " Wave rain seo "and so on all kinds of keywords, but with exposure, this and stand slowly lost the original color, behind these are the use of links, when a large number of stations set up a strong J Baidu home, Baidu also in the last few months to carry out a large number of maintenance (through an engineer to leave the cause of it), and then a large number of sites by K, Since then Baidu played the content of the king's hat, do content is the key.

In the current rankings, we see a lot of outside the chain number, but the ranking is very good example, such as "Weight loss drugs list", this large flow classifier behind, there are many outside the chain of the site, as the same year's wheat bag, the number of links and many, but still no Taobao rankings, can explain what? explained that we should do a good job of the site, do not always think of the chain, outside the chain, the site is not good, really bad.

Wrote here, I hope to give you some inspiration, good inspiration to get experience, refueling Luo. The article has the backward Network Fei & website Optimization http://www.houjinzhe.com/Original, reprint please retain the original source!

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