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When I decided to quit Weibo two months ago, now, after two months, this two months is the most peaceful and the most joyful two months in my heart, and it is also the most reading and writing day.

If I did not use Twitter/Weibo all day, it would be a great loss to me because I would not know so many people who have inspired me and I would not know some friends.

But the retreat of two months ago has made me more and more aware of the nature of Twitter and microblogs.

Weibo, Twitter, is essentially a mild schizophrenia with many extended. They allow users to lose their inner peace, allowing their brains to be parasitic and occupied by foreign thoughts and emotions.

In fact, for each one of us, the most important wealth is not time, but the time to think without interruption. While microblogs invade the human brain, it makes it more impossible to concentrate.

Twitter and Twitter are frustrating, helpless, with a lot of nasty, imposing rhetoric, and "opinion leaders" who like to order others. I confess that I had watched Twitter a couple of days before, and found that a group of people were scolding Mo Yan's Nobel speech, the reason is, Mo Yan evasive, did not repent himself to comply with the family planning policy, also did not copy Yanan speech to reflect. These people have reached a point where they have been too picky. Mo Yan, as a peasant-born child, did not have the capital to be a dissident because his father was neither Ai Qing nor the former general secretary. With the help of the story, Mo Yan has said everything in Stockholm. But on Twitter, those turning heads are still dissatisfied, they hate not to put a bomb on the waist of the front line, their own remote mouse control. Also see someone who is dubbed "President" by everyone, in Jiangshan. I immediately fell down and quickly deleted the remaining Twitter software.

Isn't there a bit of constructive content? I saw a man announcing his major findings in Twitter:

"In Europe, residents in their own homes are not baked bread, they are in the public bakery to buy." In China, the staple food is homemade. This may be the main reason for the frequent famine in China. ”

Isn't there a little mood of elation? It's not fair to say so. I saw a friend who posted a photo of the Swedish Embassy in Beijing at the buffet lunch, with several Twitter friends commenting: "It looks like an appetite." "It seems that the Chinese are really hungry, and have not come out from 1942, the GDP per capita is no use."

So, to get a day of bad mood, want to stuffed with a brain useless information, on Twitter, on Weibo.

Away from Weibo for the last two months, I have had plenty of time to read or read at least 20 books a day and read a newspaper on average. Wrote a first draft of the script, and in writing the second draft, the blog updated a little more diligent, at least two pieces a week. Went to the south, attended a classmate party. To Beijing and Chiang Kai-shek, Zhangguantin, Sensen, Yan-burning and other friends to meet, to Shanghai and in Twitter to know the Netizen dinner and chatted two times. Watched three plays, three movies. A lecture was made at the university. Talk with his wife more than a time, with his son more time, with the head of the Chinese cabbage a bit more time.

And what did I miss? Through the newspaper, I saw the anti-corruption storm every day to barbecue a bureau-level cadres. Through Huang Teacher's lesson language and friend's explanation, I knew Cake's allusion. Because the mail is the main bridge that I communicate outside, I get the first time the New York Times 2012 ten Books list, and immediately order, buy the Out-of-print building Stories.

I have also feared that once you are not on Weibo, you may miss the editorial manuscripts, the producer's Paiwoo, and the World Pen Organization's award announcement. Since one morning, I parked the car in the middle of the Community road, five minutes later, a strange neighbor to call me to move the car, I calculate thoroughly understand, now this era of grid management, want to find a person, within a few minutes can be found, but also the need for Micro Bo?

I repeat, if you want to have a long absence of peace of mind, you should quit Weibo.

Coincidentally, I found a foreign Twitter user is the same as I think.

Finally, if any reader is willing to turn this article to Twitter and Twitter, please turn.

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