What do I do when domain is not in the first place?

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September 1, I to the original baby comprehensive network for the revision, changed to the BB cream recommended site, the original Baby comprehensive network about 800 of the outside chain, Baidu included page 330 pages. In the site before the revision, I was expected to have some situation, such as the site was down right or even the possibility of K, the revision so far has passed three days, I query, the results of the following situation:


It can be seen from the the chain is basically maintained around 800, but the number of pages included declined, to write this article, I have in accordance with the original path updated more than 40 articles, I now assume that if I can update 330 articles in one months, whether Baidu will be included in the time to replace it? Oh, I am a novice seo, can only start from the practice, then if there is really this can replace the resumption of things, perhaps then write a piece of experience to share. Another aspect I found is that the domain site is not in the first place:


This problem, I looked for some information, is said to be down the right, I do not know a lot of SEO, since we all think that this performance is the right to be down, there should be some ways to solve, I will simply say that I now practice, hoping to solve this problem.

First, adhere to the daily update site content

Since the determination of the revised, if even adhere to the daily update site content can not do, I do not need to learn SEO. It takes a certain passion to keep updating the content of the website every day. Update the content of the Web site is not copied, of course, can not hundred write their own, or popular our webmaster circle inside the sentence "original + false Original combination", only to increase the quality of content, I firmly believe that spiders will also patronize my site.

Second, adhere to the daily increase of high-quality external chain

"Content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor" This sentence is an old saying, I also understand the importance of the chain in the SEO work, outside the chain to increase the weight of the site is good, adhere to increase the chain every day, a site ranking is very easy to go up. The way to increase the chain of many, can go to the blog, forum, classified information, each website question and answer channels, and so on, we can try to find out different ways to increase the chain.

Third, do a good job of their own web site within the chain

This aspect is to say, try not to exist dead link, as far as possible the relevant keywords linked to the site related to the URL, as long as the two steps to improve the site included in the page and enhance the weight of our site long tail word is beneficial. At the same time appropriate to some key words linked to the home page, you can effectively improve the weight of the home page.

The above three items are my main work at present, of course, in addition to the above three work, such as the increase of friendship links, write soft text submissions and so on to improve the weight of the site also has a certain role. Now I am learning seo, so every step of my experience is valuable, here to share my experience, I hope to have a good effect. Well, the time has passed 0, tomorrow there is work to insist. This article by the BB cream List http://www.bbzhw.cn original feeds, starting A5, please reprint respect my labor achievements, thank you for your support.

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