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This report (reporter Guo Guifeng/wen Huang Jingliang/figure) today is the last Wednesday of April 2010, the 55th "International Secretary's Day". On this day, secretaries in many countries have holidays and receive flowers and greeting cards from their superiors. Do not know that we Baoan people do not understand this festival? What do the secretaries around us think about the festival? For the secretary of this industry, if you want to use flowers to express their understanding and affirmation, what do you think? Following the reporter to join the "conclave", to express their views.

The secretary is like the Snake Whip chrysanthemum, low-key but let a person can't ignore

"Snake whip chrysanthemum is ' auspicious, cheerful ', secretary this position like a lever, with it work can be easily started." "A Japanese employee, Mr. Chen, smiled and said, there has been a period of time oneself also to this profession" sneer at ", think is a" handyman ", later entered the foreign company only then discovered that the secretary is more like a server, the connecting link, at the same time work in detail, even" chores "also need very high skill. "Maybe everyone will think secretaries are dispensable, but when you really recognize the benefits that this position can bring to the whole team, you can't ignore its charms," he said. ”

Mr. Lloyd, who works at the agency, says although the Secretary of this position has been a mixed job, and now the work of their own unit is a bit similar to the "Secretary", "the role of a good, absolutely can give the unit or company to bring ' auspicious ', Snake whip chrysanthemum analogy is very good." Mr. Lloyd said approvingly.

The Secretary represents the image of the company handover

"The secretary's job is to coordinate, connect, and wander across the team, and a good secretary is more like a business card for the Boss, represents the company's external handover of the image, but also reflects the boss's leadership style, but can not be the boss in the work of the spokesperson, so a low profile but represents a positive upward line-like flowers of flowers most representative of the significance of this holiday. "Flower teacher in Europe," recommended that the line-shaped flower is the shape of the contour and the basic structure of the main flower, just as the Secretary of the Office in the company, the team function, and the line of flower representatives are violet, Tuan-shaped small rose, snapdragon and so on. European teacher also specially with a bunch of the scene to represent this special day "secret Flower."

The possibility of popularization of the Secretary's Day is slim

"Although I know this festival, but never." "Amanda, the president's secretary in Baoan, a hotel industrial park, said with a smile, he has been a secretary for more than five years, from the Secretary to the Secretary to the general manager of the company and now the President of the secretary, his own" Secretary "this role can be interpreted for a long time, has heard of this festival before, But the possibility of this festival popularization is not big, so the boss never "notice", oneself also have no chance "festival".

"If I can receive flowers today, I hope it is sunflower, I hope every day the sun is happy, my secretarial career is also full of sunshine." Amanda Infinite longing to tell reporters their hearts desire.

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