What factors need to be prepared for an enterprise to build a marketing website

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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; The ultimate goal of the enterprise to choose the website marketing is to convert the traffic, improve the final sales of the product, how to build the Enterprise marketing website, and what factors need to be prepared.

First: The beginning of the establishment of the Site planning marketing website. Enterprises want to choose Network Marketing, you need to do a whole site positioning, the specific planning process can be this: positioning site Target customers-> search site targeted customers-> analysis of their own site can provide users what-> users need what-> site sales target, According to such a process to plan marketing website, in the construction station need to put these factors into the site, the focus is to put on "marketing" on. At the same time, the beginning of the establishment of the site enterprises also need to analyze the competitor's website, analysis of industry competitiveness, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of rival sites, so that more perfect to build their own marketing-oriented web site, to achieve foolproof.

Second: The construction of the medium-term website structure planning. After the early planning and can start building stations, in the marketing of the site construction, more is to take into account the user experience, the home page needs to show users the product, but the display of products do not use the form of flash, using the image display method, at the same time, you need to add ALT attribute to the picture. The structure of the site to have a clear navigation, you can use the way of bread crumbs: Home-Column page-content page. For marketing-type sites need to the site's column classification clear, clear classification allows users to choose more products, but also allows users in a shorter time, to find their own products. The construction of the site to consider the construction of the Web site into a network structure, so that spiders easier to crawl, but also let users understand more page content.

Finally: Build station later SEO optimization plan. Site construction is basically completed, it is necessary to consider the site to optimize the implantation of SEO, the title description of the site, the site content of keywords and product implantation, meta tag settings, site chain construction, website related to the construction of the chain, these are marketing-oriented site must be considered after the establishment. Marketing-type site compared to ordinary sites, the biggest difference is that the marketing-type site needs to add SEO optimization, the ordinary site more is the display of products. The construction of the website not only to look good, but also in line with SEO optimization, site products need to be fully displayed, but not a large number of animation; the site structure to be clear and good-looking, to consider Div architecture; The site needs advertising, but not a large number of floating ads, can choose a fixed advertising area, Block weight transfer; The site needs a lot of outside the chain to import, improve the site's own weight, improve the ranking of keywords, improve the overall flow of the site.

The construction of the marketing website in addition to the points mentioned above, in fact, there are a lot to note: The site needs to add site map, the site needs to open pseudo static, the home page needs to be updated to the content of the section, the site needs to use the member system, at the same time, marketing-oriented sites need to have a strong space support, space does not give It's hard to have a good user experience.

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