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Chris Johnson, co-founder of Wakefield, has been in the financial industry, after joining the entrepreneurial wave, in this article he shared the idea of failure to start a business, and how to face failure.

What is the hottest word in the industry in recent years? Mobile phone? Cloud investment? Now it is easier to open a company than before, countless people have entered into the entrepreneurial army, there has never been a period in history, there has never been such a crazy entrepreneurial tide. Stanford's MBA program has been a barometer of entrepreneurship, with 16% of 2011 graduates starting their own business, according to a survey. This wave of entrepreneurship is even more ferocious than the 90 's, I think 2012 years, this wave will be more ferocious.

Springing up startups, it seems like a beautiful, but whether you see the hidden behind the "wave of failure." Entrepreneurial wave, many people are the first time to be a leader, a lot of people are only in a comfortable working environment to work, completely did not feel as a leader to bear the pressure and face the risk.

Failure is also an honor in entrepreneurship, Combinator's founder, Paulgraham, said in a recent NPR interview, "to learn to appreciate failure, be good at avoiding it and being with him." "Only half of the startups he supports survive. Dave McClure, co-founder of 500 start-ups, called his company A "failed factory".

However, in any case, when you face failure, you will always feel sad. But the most important thing is what you do and how you do when you face failure.

I have just recovered from my failure. In early 2009, I left my original company to join a start-up company on payments. The company has good financial support, I and many cattle for company, in a main development group. After knife, I am sure my current choice is very correct. Last year, I left the group, set up my own web start-up, and it was very smooth at first, we recruited two Daniel (one of them just resigned from Facebook) on the internet and then we got an angel investment from a very strong angel investor. But unexpectedly, six months in the past, our product development is very slow, so that in the end, a series of accidents have destroyed my team. My company became a bubble, and I was discredited.

The ups and downs of my career, my first boss (Arthurandersen, with 8,000 employees) broke down half a year after I started my business, but it wasn't as tragic as I was, I failed, I lost the money of our investors, yes, I also have the founder of the partnership, but once you encounter failure , you will feel as if you have caused the result.

There are many things to learn in a failure, there are a lot of books to tell about this, but when you know that your company has ceased to exist, what you should do, perhaps you will indulge in this failure to extricate themselves, but life is always going to continue, you have to wake up from this reality.

It seems there are three ways to go:

One, to find a stable job, perhaps one day can be a comeback;

Two, immediately fled here, the farther the better;

Third, immediately into a new round of entrepreneurship.

Choosing one looks very easy and there are many options. Find a secure job, go back to the nine-to-five life, and reintegrate into the group as an employee. If you are penniless, you have no choice but to walk. But to me, this road seems to be full of failure, I am very difficult to face my former colleagues, difficult to accept the previous life, all is not easy.

Choose the second world, also not suitable, I have not so much time. Dane Atkinson, currently SumAll's CEO is also the founder, he chose the second route, when his company Sensenet bankruptcy when he was 27 years old, he spent eight years to re-establish a team of hundred people, bankruptcy, he is like a piece of burnt bread, The court soon liquidated him, selling his bar, his apartment and his stake in other companies. The next days he went to travel, dive, learn to fly a plane, do everything possible to escape from the previous period of life. He said that the days had made him regain confidence, and later he was able to start his own business slowly. Later he established Squarespace and SumAll.

Choice three I have no time and no mind to play, so I have to choose the third way: a comeback.

Cooking wine on the sword does not need much good wine, a bad cocktail, with friends from other industries to drink and talk, listen to their views and opinions, I have many friends, financial, photographers, finance, catering, there are leaders, although these are not the IT industry, but the leadership has always been a desirable place, Their opinions have benefited me a lot.

Analysis of the situation I locked myself in the house, faced a blackboard, divided it in half, and half wrote about the things that I and my founders were good at, and the other half, I recalled my previous experiences and singled out what I thought was the cause of failure.

Design concept Also, analyze what you can do at present.

Now recall, work, the appropriate blank is also necessary, do not put the task of too full, leave a little time to reflect, summary, ready. We are currently building Wakefield, which is a daily email that tells you a startup story behind the Web site, and our story is also published in Uncubed, New York's largest technical talent market. At present, everything goes well with our project.

Therefore, when encountered failure, the pain is unavoidable, but do not fall down, to brave to face him, the cause and effect of the analysis clearly, everything will be better.

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