What is the difference between a rental server and a virtual host?

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A rental server is a consortium or a tenant to find several individuals or groups who need to use a Web server to hire a single network server. Each franchisee enjoys a basic consistent server resource, which is rented by the consortium or the initiator on behalf of the user group, and the host resources are evenly distributed by all users. For example: 10000/year of the host one, by 20 users together to rent, that is, 500 yuan per user/year.


The original rental server was initiated by individuals, probably inspired by group buying, but somewhat different in form. To the later this kind of server many people to buy the way has developed into an independent business, a lot of professional engaged in the server rental company is to play a share of the promoters and the role of the organization, dedicated to find a number of users who need to use the network space to rent a server, accumulate a certain amount of funds The company that leases the servers to allocate the scheduled empty size before opening, IIS, bandwidth, FTP accounts, and so on, each of the rental members enjoy the Web site Virtual host services and a certain level of administrative rights, the latter of the various users of the server to adjust the requirements (such as the installation of Web Components) by the operator to arrange operations, In order to avoid a user's operation error and affect the normal use of all users, at the same time to eliminate some malicious damage, the deployment also acts as the Administrator role; some IDC organizations will also be included in the scope of services, IDC sent a person to act as a promoter and management of the role of the deployment.

Therefore, there are many forms of the rental server, its operating norms are also very different, generally speaking, by the individual initiated by the server to rent more flexibility, the members can be assigned more permissions, but the lack of a top manager, easy to dispute, it is difficult to ensure that the server security problems , for example, by 92 and other relevant professional institutions or IDC launched the rental server business will have a manager to organize, complete the leasing behavior, and on behalf of maintenance management, can effectively eliminate disputes, improve the success rate of the lease, and to ensure that the behavior of the Charter is orderly, to ensure the continuity of the contract The maximum guarantee of the rights of all the tenants are guaranteed.

ADMIN5 Webmaster network server rental (www.admin5.com/hezu)

The overall hardware configuration is as follows:

Cpu:4 Core Intel Xeon X3210 Xeon Server processor.

Memory: 4G DDR2 667 ECC server dedicated memory.

HDD: 2 * 320G SATA/Enterprise class.

Cabinet is located in the top domestic telecom IDC room-Zhanjiang Telecom room/Shanghai Telecom Room, million m-class mass bandwidth

Bandwidth: 20M Exclusive.

Protection: 20G defense, top security

Service: 7*24 Commissioner on duty.

The same rent is divided into 20, each quota is the same, can buy multiple copies at the same time.

The following are the resources allocated for each rental account

Disk space: 7G (includes site directory, FTP directory, and database directory)

Available sites: 5 (background can be created and managed)

Database: 5 (background can be created and managed by itself)

Sub-domain Name: 10 (background can be created and managed by itself)

Bound Domain Name: 15 (background can be created and managed by itself)

Number of FTP: a

Monthly Flow: 180G

Number of connections: Unlimited

ADMIN5 Webmaster network servers, focusing on the quality and credibility of the service, the main customer is to provide quality service for webmaster space, to dissatisfied with the full refund as a commitment to the customer to solve the space limit too much, the space speed is slow, space instability and a series of problems. Its aim is to take the opportunity of industrial development, into the market to expand business opportunities, and strive to improve their own services, from the details continue to dig the value of services, for the user's website development sincere service. Long-term lead rental server market new trend. Provide comprehensive after-sales service as well as 7x24-hour telephone, QQ technical support, etc., is the server rental market a new star.

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