What is the unique feature of BMW's two-year marketing?

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BMW in fact the most successful marketing is internal marketing, the German headquarters communication has been very positive feedback, the result is that the headquarters of the Chinese team authorized more.

These weights enable the entire team to effectively carry out external marketing, that is, based on the needs of Chinese consumers, the brand more reasonable positioning and communication, product and price and channel more localization.


1, the most critical is the insight of Chinese consumers. Help BMW Germany headquarters and China headquarters have done a number of projects, the internal staff of the consumer understanding is very deep, it is clear that the different product line for different consumer groups trigger point.

2. The definition of the BMW Hyatt is very accurate. At the same time took a series of campaigns, but also used the very cool dynamic efficiency, and the combination of Chinese culture is just right, such as Facebook. There are clear points of appeal in brand affinity and loyalty.

3, for BMW's overbearing, rich and negative image of the public relations, such as the PR department in the Public welfare, environmental protection cause to do a lot of work.

4, the Chinese consumers of the wheelbase and the value of the internal space in fact, the major car manufacturers are very clear, BMW's follow-up and localization process is very fast, and very far-sighted localization of the 5 series, the introduction of the extended version of the Chinese new rich to provide a very suitable choice of products, The rapid introduction of 5GT provides a toy-like product for the more high-end people. There are a number of other products that have been and are being introduced, all of which are difficult to cover for other competitors in the country.

5, the price according to the Chinese market acceptance degree has been greatly reduced, especially in the new 5 series and forthcoming touring. Oh yes, there are 1S and 3S. But this is not a decisive factor, because the other opponents are also a sharp reduction in the Mercedes-Benz also very ruthless.

6, the channel is not clear, only contact with a number of 4S shop people. It is said that the channel management than Mercedes-Benz better. Of course, Mercedes-Benz Channel management itself is very messy, this benchmark set low.

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