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Website optimization has been done for more than a year, for SEO, oneself still be a rookie level of it, just in the SEO circle inside mixed for so long, met with SEO master, have SEO novice, also have same SEO rookie level with me, often in the SEO forum, SEOQQ group inside hear many people complain, SEO What to learn some what, seo exactly what kind of quality, SEO technology exactly how advanced, SEO need from where to start ... Very early want to write an article in this regard and share their own this year to learn some ideas seo, today habitually open QQ, there is a person to add me as a friend, I asked him what needs? He told me on the internet that I wrote some SEO experience to share and feel very experienced, Ask me to learn SEO really need to grasp what knowledge, I fit to do seoer?...... In the face of some of his problems, I learned a little bit about him, I have the last year to SEO experience to share with him, after the way home to feel that they still need to write an article in this regard, with you to share my views on and SEO, What is a seoer need to have what kind of quality, write not deep meaning hope everyone understanding, is my experience.

Seoer necessary quality One: "Good at discovering, good at summing up"

Baidu should be the most familiar search engine in domestic seoer, whether stationmaster or Netizen, Baidu is the indispensable first choice element of their Internet entrance. For Seoer, research Baidu search engine is their only way, but also their ability to enhance the most direct, fastest platform, as a seoer, we should often find and summary, found that Baidu's latest ranking algorithm and related technical issues, found that there are some of the peer experience, Their experience may be that we do not usually notice, through their experience then we are the practice has become our own website optimization technology and methods, so as a website optimization (SEO) personnel to constantly cultivate their ability to discover new things. Good at summing up is that we found the problem, solve the problem after some experience and experiences, the summary is not only limited to ourselves, we also have to summarize some of the industry's classic cases and some seoer optimization skills and methods.

Seoer essential Qualities Two: "Good logical thinking and writing" is constantly practiced

SEO, in fact, there are a lot of skills, not as some people say is a coolie live, also not constantly to hair outside the chain. SEO, outside the chain is important, but the content of the King's truth has not changed. Outside the chain, the contents of the two are actually can transform each other, such as Soft wen, you can dial four, the chain is actually not as difficult as we think. Some people may say, my writing is not good, but you want me to write something out for me is not spot, even if I write out is also seven think eight not like, others see will laugh at me ... Actually this kind of psychology everybody starts to write when all will have, since, we chose this industry, since walked into the SEO kingdom, we are not afraid of others jokes, Alibaba President Ma Yun on the road of success do not know how many people smiled; New Oriental President Yu Yu on the road of success do not know how many people make fun of ... Since you want to succeed, don't be afraid of other people's jokes, the more jokes we have to do to others, the more they joke, the more we want to improve their comprehensive level, the more we have to write more things, we have to do is in their teasing process slowly grow, their teasing is our greatest motivation to move forward, Their jokes are a step towards speeding up our success. Good logical thinking is that we usually slowly write articles to practice out, good writing is also a paragraph we usually write out, we write not only to share the technical aspects of things, but also to contact their actual life, more than everyone to share our daily life situation and work status, in fact, life can reflect a person's value, We practice logical thinking and writing are inseparable from life, inseparable from our work. We do not fear their own writing is not bad, do not be afraid of their own content to write, bold to write, persistent writing down, I think you will soon find that your writing has a great change, logical thinking has been a great promotion, brave to write, bold to try, write life, write work, write what you can write, write what you want to write ...

Hu sonorous, Guangzhou SEO, engaged in network promotion more than 1 years time, during the university has done a lot of corporate website optimization and site diagnostics, accumulated rich experience and "cultivate" a set of their own website optimization system, after many practice has proved that this system is suitable for domestic search engine ranking algorithm, Guangzhou SEO ( Hu Hongliang) believes that website optimization, optimization is a person's thinking, but also a person persistent, serious research character. QQ 542248261

Seoer Essential Quality Three: "Good at finding soft materials", learn to observe life, find the good things in life

Soft Wen, as we all know, he has a pivotal role in the process of website optimization. But to write soft text, to achieve good results, you must choose a good place, good material. So that the soft wen has more audiences, so that the audience has a good interest, and unknowingly to do the purpose of the website promotion. For example, I have written an article in A5, "Hu Hongliang: Tourism portal site three days good keyword ranking method", to the site attracted hundreds of IP not to say, but also attracted dozens of of the reprint of the site, the chain is more needless to say. Although the writing is not good, but very in line with the broad masses of netizens appetite, this is the choice of the material! At the same time, they also published a soft article on their own tourism website, "Travel site optimization Experience", not a day, on the domestic dozens of well-known Internet experience sharing platform to reprint each other, suddenly their fame (Hu Hongliang) Also at that time got a great promotion, from that time onwards, they really appreciate the experience of sharing the infinite joy, just really feel a good soft wen created great social value, (spiritual wealth is not, ah ha ...), we do not need you write how surprised the world of ghosts and spirits of the masterpiece, As long as you keep a record of your daily life, your study, your work, it will be a good soft wen, we can refer to the above two soft wen, I wrote are some seoer every day of the relevant topics, I write is the site optimization of the most basic things, but why get so many people's attention , why do you get so many websites to optimize their peers ' approval, the reason is very simple, that is, I put my most real things to write out, I put my most real self show to everyone, I put the most basic site optimization, search engine optimization skills to share, no big skills, the most important thing is that we record life, Show the most true self to everyone, the most basic knowledge to share.

Seoer essential Qualities Four: "Keep in mind SEO basics"

Needless to say, everyone can understand, if a seoer not good SEO basic knowledge, how to be able to easily, achievement a persuasive masterpiece, so an excellent Seoer foundation is very important, SEO basic knowledge must be learned in the heart, whether it is the site's framework optimization or code optimization , whether it is the domain name optimization or keyword settings, we must bear in mind.

When you really have the above qualities, I think your SEO technology has been good, has grasped the essence of SEO (website optimization, search engine), can be said to be an excellent seoer, can operate an SEO, project, can do some SEO to earn extra money, But these are just an excellent SEO to master the basic quality, all the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, search engine ranking mechanism are constantly improving,

We still have to continue to learn, and constantly study the ranking algorithm of major search engines, and constantly collect and summarize a variety of Web site optimization skills, and constantly improve their optimization level, so that can be in the SEO industry invincible, so as to achieve a greater breakthrough, truly reflect their own value.

Hu sonorous, Guangzhou SEO, engaged in the network to promote nearly 1 years of time, during the university has done a lot of corporate website optimization and site diagnostics, accumulated rich experience and "cultivate" a set of their own website optimization system, after many practice has proved that this system is suitable for domestic search engine ranking algorithm, Guangzhou SEO (Hu Hongliang) believe that website optimization, optimization is a person's thinking, but also a person persistent, serious research character. QQ 542248261 (Reprint please specify the Source: http://www.020sem.net/post/26.html)

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