What seven kinds of weapons do you need to learn to build a station

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The author in Stationmaster's career counted many old birds, as a new beginner, perhaps just because the novice is more easy to understand the shortcomings of the novice where, need to learn what knowledge to be able to easily, below I will combine their own site experience with you to sum up the site of the building station of the seven weapons!

First weapon: Learn to build a station first

The Ancients left us a famous saying: Workers, for the novice webmaster before the building is to sharpen the knife, that is, to recharge their own charge, and then build a station, so you can avoid the road in the construction station less detours!

The author of the initial construction station did not learn this first weapon, because too quick, in the knowledge of the station has not been made clear before can not wait to start to build the station, although understand a little web page musketeers, but always feel a little bit of a drop in the bucket, not enough, So after building a site for some time to find that the website has done a lot of redundant code, the structure is very chaotic, so made of the Web page is not conducive to the search engine included, but also not conducive to the later revision, of course, this is not to say that the Web Page Three Musketeers bad, the key is that they do not master well, and then again learn Css+div layout, Also learned a probably began to work on the Web site, and finally continue to modify the Web page, make a delay too much time!

Of course, I suggest that the mastery of the first weapon is not to be practiced on the nineth floor, to learn some common sense and system to build the process of the station, it can be, and more skills and deep internal strength that will be in the process of building a continuous learning and accumulated experience will be studied!

The second weapon: HTML and CSS languages need to be mastered

Today's web design is basically WYSIWYG, Web page The Three Musketeers is more so, but when you understand the design of the Web page you will find that these software is just a tool, the real use of HTML and CSS language, so these two languages are must learn the second weapon!

The third type of weapon: Css+div layout

The beginning of the web design is the layout, the layout is good, the design will become a lot simpler, but I just do not understand the CSS, the full use of the table layout found there will be a lot of drawbacks, after I learned the layout of Css+div I naturally reuse css+div layout to design the page! And now css+ Div is now the standard of the web!

Fourth kind of weapon: SEO knowledge must not be less

Website construction is good, that must carry on the promotion, optimizes, through the SEO optimization lets your webpage be able to obtain the better position in the search engine rank, like this can be easier lets the others click, moreover now basically has 60% above the traffic all can obtain through the search engine! Visible SEO is very important!

Fifth weapon: The choice of website space and domain name

Domain name is your site's face, space is your site's home, so these two points is very important, domain name first choice easy to remember, and the content of the website has certain correlation, saw your domain name to probably know your website content, the author in this above has eaten the loss, I bought the first domain name finally did not use, So it is best to choose a domain name when a lot of thinking Oh!

As for space, that's more important, because if your home is unstable, how can you make your site attractive? Space must be stable, and the speed of access is fast enough, otherwise it will affect the user's experience, but also affect the search engine access, and the site's space if it is shared with others, Also pay attention to other people's website is not a spam site or has been the search engine has been K's site, such as the site and your site coexistence of a space is absolutely not, your site will also be implicated!

Sixth Weapon: Selection procedure

You should choose the program before you do it. Especially now the site has a lot of content, every day need to update management, if there is no program to manage, then your task will be unusually large, so choose a good website program becomes very important, now there are many open source programs, such as the Empire, Dream Weaving and PH168, so choose a suitable program for your website construction help will be great! Of course, these programs can also be customized, if you are good enough, you can modify yourself!

Seventh Weapon: Website record

The use of domestic space that must be filed, but normally only to give space to the business can be completed, and the record can also be passed, I have two domain name and space for the record, 32 days is completed, but if you increase the domain name or period to change information, Then it takes a long time for the record, the author because the first domain name gave up, and then added a domain name, let me wait for nearly one months!

The above seven kinds of weapons are novice webmaster must master, of course, in addition to these several weapons have some other need to know, but as long as the learning of these seven kinds of weapons can build a better quality of the site, and everyone in the construction of the site should also pay attention to the accumulation of experience, This will allow you to build the station martial arts become more unfathomable!

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