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If you want to learn to make Web pages and learn other knowledge, it is necessary to have a foundation. Learning on the basis of it will be easier and quicker. Second, learn clearly what it is used for.

Suggest you must have the condition: the computer is skilled, use the computer best in more than one year, to the webpage design interest, has the more sufficient study time, familiar Office office software. Of course, these are not necessarily the first stage: it is best to learn some web editing software, such as: FrontPage, Dreamweaver. This will give you a better idea of how web production and operations work. It is best to take this tutorial to learn, combined with the tutorial side of the learning side of the production.

The second stage: will use the webpage to make the software, already will produce a more complete website. But in order to make their own design to make the Web page perfect, or learn the core technology of the Web page! Web page editing languages (including: HTML, CSS, Java TC 擄 絻 TC 掞 愶 綌, ASP, XML, etc.).

You can choose to study. The third stage: to develop the website with the knowledge you have mastered, you can develop the target website that others define to you. By this time, you will become a real web developer.

How to make a Web page, not to say one or two articles can be clear. The above introduction is to make the main outline of the Web page, I hope to be able to learn to make a Web page friends a reference.


1, the space page is certainly to publish the Internet, so must first apply for a space; free space is not very stable, small capacity, also bad application, suggested to buy a personal space, probably have more than 20M on it.

2, the software recommended the use of Dreamweaver8.0 Chinese version, the software's biggest feature is "WYSIWYG", which is the production process to see, is published to the network.

Second, the tutorial takes a little time, find a more easy to understand the course to see is very necessary. The composition of each page, but text, tables, pictures, animation and the background music, such as a few big elements, figuring out how to put these elements in, you also know how to create a Web page. Third, the creation of the proposal to download a relatively simple web page, in the production software will open it, and then carefully observe the composition of the Web page, imitate it to fill a variety of elements, in practice with the teaching of the city, progress is much faster, remember also a few. In fact, it is not difficult to do the Web page, but to make a distinctive web page, it is not the work of the overnight. A little personal experience, the wrong place please correct me.

Web site with the development of the Internet more and more popular and in-depth to every industry, everyone. Do the website to know person is very simple thing, to do not know person, appear very inscrutable. In fact, the threshold to do the site is very low, as long as you want to do, very little money, very short time can do. For ourselves, do the site can be arbitrary, fully display their own. I am here to make the entry level of the specific steps to tell you, if you want to do a large site, this will certainly not enough.

First step: Register the domain name

What is a domain name?

Domain name is the internet used to find the special name of the site, with our familiar address, the role of the number is similar. It is stipulated that the domain name by the English alphabet (case-insensitive), Arabic numerals and bars "-" composition, can not have spaces, "-" can not be placed at the front or the last side, each level can not exceed 67 letters.

The domain name on the internet can be described as a variety of strange, but from the structure of the domain name division, the overall domain may be divided into two categories, a class called "International top-level Domain Name" ("International Domain Name"), a class called "Domestic domain name."

The last suffix of the general international domain name is some "international universal domain" such as. com,.net,.gov,.edu, these different suffixes represent different institutional properties. For example, COM represents a business organization,. NET represents a network service organization, and Gov says government agencies, and Edu says educational institutions.

Recommended well-known registered service institutions:


Step Two: Make content

If you have money, please do it. Worry, but do not save money, general costs ranging from thousands of to tens of thousands of, to save on their own hands, do the same site, if you do not do the Web site can choose to use the anti-Nick Nicebox is a virtual host value-added services donated products Web site, including a variety of exquisite Web site templates, Hundreds of web site features, with product release system, news system, membership system, voting system, advertising system, recruitment system, such as dynamic function modules, the page at random to increase.

The use of a powerful management platform, light mouse can immediately produce fine web site, not only the cycle is greatly shortened, but also free of charge can be used, not additional technology and cost input, can be synchronized to share our product technology upgrades and functional improvements, greatly reduce the cost of users own web site. You can support and use this system management platform for free as long as you are buying a virtual host product in Nick.

Trial User name: Test
Trial Password: Nicebox

Step Three: Application space

For personal sites and small sites, are generally host-hosted way, that is, to some service providers to buy the space to store the Web page, on a certain scale of the site, you need to buy their own servers, to the telecommunications department trusteeship. Save money small coup, the General Service providers are provided, domain name plus virtual host purchase discount!

Fourth Step: Upload content

Use the FTP software, connect to the corresponding address, upload the content of the site can be.
Fifth Step: Maintain the website
Update and maintain content
Sixth step: Promoting publicity
Several ways to promote the website: (free)
1. Search Engine Login
2. Links
3. Forum Irrigation
4. Login URL Encyclopedia

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