What to do when a site is attacked maliciously

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The day before yesterday my literary site was malicious attack, the other side asked to hang on the other side of the link, I did not agree, so the other side began to launch attacks on the site, a large number of data packets to make the site blocked, has been not open!

I was going to call the police, can be found on the internet a lot of people said the alarm is not much use! Inadvertently see someone online out of a brilliant idea, the site domain name directly resolved to the network police server IP, I think this is a way, try it! To the server that took my domain name to the website, after a few 10 minutes, Then open my domain name is the network police website, hehe, it seems to have been in effect!

I think, you attack go, big deal I stop, let you directly attack the network police server, when they found that someone attacked their servers will naturally check out! I am very strange, the network police server does not bind my domain name, but why do I directly resolve the domain name to the network police server IP address can? Analytic past only a period of time! Yesterday when I site a bit of my domain name, found that can not find the home page, I think it is not Baidu to my k off it?

Today in the early morning again site, the home page out, but the site in addition to the website is a network of police content, the title is also!

Hope to communicate with you to learn! qq:83443857

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