What you need to make a net is to stick to it and win.

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On the road of net earning, for just stepping into this field of novice speaking, is quite rough and difficult, I have many times with the net to make new people in the process of communication, found that most of the net to earn a novice in the net to earn a few months, but did not know how the network should be to make money, There are even some new friends who do not know what is the net profit. In the process not only money did not earn, but to lose a lot of the network cheats cheated a lot. Gradually, these newcomers lost their way in the world of online money-making, on the net to earn a doubt, began to distrust the net earned, and produced want to give up on the net to earn the pursuit of psychology, because I feel that the net to make money, and the liar is too much, may ask "net earn is true?" can net make money really? Why I met 99% All liars? Yes, I just started to make a net when also and everyone had similar mentality, do not know how to make money net profit, but also thoroughly confused over a period of time, but, finally I persisted, finally through the network to make money. NET earn is true, really can make money. But you have to stick to it, you will win it, and it is the same in any industry. Here I share some personal experience in making net money.

Many beginners in the net to make a project often are not strong enough, no patience, whenever you know a money-making project, did a while, feel the effect is not big, so give up. Then see the other items, again operation for a few days, work a day also 10 a few dollars, simply do not do. Do the league today made a few pieces, tomorrow did more than 10 block due to not meet the payment amount, also gave up. And then keep looking for new projects, and finally, you are confused, you will think, net make it hard to make money, make too little.

Why is that? I think there is only one word to describe, that is "lazy", you are too lazy, do not want to do, impatient, and ambitious, always want to find neither tired, but also to make a lot of money projects, fantasy can find a day to earn hundreds of thousands of good projects. Then your doom comes, because too eager to make money, on the internet to find the so-called master to teach you the project, or even to find some dozen days to earn hundreds of, monthly earn million yuan slogan of the net to earn training, but you are only a small step away from the trap, after the things you can imagine, you have 90% may be the network cheats in a profound and simple way to lure them into the scam, and so you pay the result only two, or they give you are all online a lot of garbage items, or is simply cheated.

There are a lot of friends have no confidence in themselves, such as I recently and a novice friend chatted for a while, this friend in some net earn forum post apprentice ask Master to earn money projects. I chat with him to learn that he is also because of impatience, not strong enough, another reason is that he has no confidence in himself. This also makes me think of myself before just make net make when actually also and he is a bit similar, have a lot of project actually can make money, only heard said, and did not go to do, do not dare to do, afraid to make money. And then to the network eager to find a master to take their own projects, because only to hear others do this project can make money when they dare to try. However, you are likely to be cheated by the false master, or cheat you to buy his project, cheat you pay tuition, and so you pay, finished, the results can be imagined.

Here I share a project I have done a small story, hoping to arouse the enthusiasm of the novice to do the project, more daring to try. I started on the internet in December 2009 and started to get into this field, after a few months I also and many beginners like to think that online money is very easy, be on the network those days earn hundreds of, month earn tens of millions of ads to deeply attracted, these months I did a lot of crooks net earn "automatic hanging machine day earn N Hundred, Foreign earn dollars Click Stations, recruitment posts 2 yuan per post, part-time network "especially that earn dollars click Station, every day to spend two hours to do a dream to point ads, a full click of two months time, to pay the amount of time, click on the Please." Results one weeks passed, even the hair also did not see, later through the understanding of a lot of friends, just know was cheated. During the course of doing a variety of cheater project has been cheated a lot of money, really very cup, but I do not reconciled, when cheated is to buy a lesson, eat a loss, learn a good. I've become very cautious.

has been confused to May 2010, I found that make net make real can rely on is oneself, really can help oneself only yourself. I began to overcome the past all kinds of not firm, lazy, afraid to try the mentality. Then I made a little plan for myself, I think, I will spend one months to do a project, whether it can make money, use this month's time to work hard to do this project, adhere to, despair, I think I will not be so tragic, then say do it, immediately began. I chose to do a CPA promotion project, found a very formal larger alliance to do, a installation is 1 yuan, first I spent 5 days on the internet to find dozens of high popularity of the forum, respectively, registered account number, plus dozens of QQ group. Then bought a 10 a few dollars of info domain name and a dozens of dollar 50M U.S. space, got a promotional station. Then there is the promotion, I daily in those forums and QQ group Non-stop hair, was deleted and hair, was sealed and registered, so repeatedly done for one weeks, very tired, but this time unexpected results occurred, the league showed the download installed volume unexpectedly reached more than 300, The Union is full of 100 yen settlement, then I clicked on the settlement, the heart of the abnormal excitement, to the next night, 310 dozen to my account, was really too happy too excited to faint. After one weeks of hard work, I finally got the results. The heart of the United States flattered. I'm so glad I finally made money. Although earning little, but everything is from childhood, I believe I will continue to increase with the experience of more and more strong. Since then I have been struggling to date, during the learning of a lot of things, but also made a number of websites, do a lot of projects, has become a network of veteran.

Finally, I hope you can do anything to persevere, to have confidence in themselves, daring to try, and constantly pursue their dreams, but also to be cautious, beware of cyber crooks, I believe you will succeed, there is in the project, do not do what is not regular and long-term projects. Adhere to your own dream, adhere to it will succeed!

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