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Many people believe that mobile Internet and smart terminals are the most reliable bridge of O2O, the retail world and the world of electric power will enter a parallel operation phase, the electric business platform ready to give way to http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7858.html "> The history of the traditional retailing industry, which has been led by the electric dealers for many years, can be concluded.

Su Ning and Wanda are their representatives, the former not only thunder rain is not small, the latter now seems to end up a thunder no rain (or also in the rain-making phase).

O2O to truly achieve, there are two core points must be synchronized on the line:

First, offline and online dynamic inventory synchronization. However, this is difficult to achieve. Traditional retailers and manufacturers in the ERP, warehousing management, Agent/distributor system, regional information capacity and other aspects of the interests of difficult to coordinate, O2O like castles in the castle. In the traditional enterprise, do the electrical business and be required to achieve O2O team that crazy state can only be in the ability to have a deep experience.

Second, offline and online price synchronization (same price). This should be realized on the basis of dynamic inventory synchronization.

The other is not very core but also very important issues are: product model synchronization, promotional activities synchronization, service synchronization docking and so on.

It just seems to me that they want to achieve O2O through these two core points, it seems a bit urgent. There are four reasons:

First, China's electrical and traditional enterprises have been fragmented development, brand online and offline in the tangle process, constantly looking for ways to balance online and offline interests, one of the most used method is the category or model, the line over the season goods and network special goods, or even, the emergence of a network for the child brand.

Many traditional brands in the consumer network to form the consumption habits, and even put some goods online price set above the line, is no longer cheap! This lets the actual play low price brand of suning with the price of the same nominal.

Second, the network price adjustment cost is low, faster, as long as a button, this also leads to the internet often appear prices set wrong to withdraw a single complaint and other negative events, such as the negative effect of high efficiency. and offline if you want to adjust prices, one is involved in the system price adjustment, the second is to change the paper tag.

Electronic price tag high cost, can not be implemented in the short term, then the offline price adjustment will bring a higher cost of manual and tag printing, obviously outweigh the gains! Or the retail workers are unwilling to do, manufacturers will be bored to death.

Third, the brand business online price management regionalization is very obvious, price discrimination is a reasonable existence, so agents/distributors to be strong demand for the same price is not in line with their interests.

Many big brands have already realized the national price, but for more small and medium-sized brands, the national same price does not meet the interests of all parties in the realistic stage. Online retail platforms in the outdated phase of a strong push for the same price, it is obvious that will damage the broad interests of many small and medium-sized brands.

Four, the offline retail shop coverage is not large enough, after the same price service capacity can not well meet the expectations of O2O consumers. To know, the electrical business of logistics distribution, after-sales service, offline stores to provide personalized services, etc., are the same price and O2O process more consumers pay attention to the content.

To sum up, O2O at least 5-10 years of road to go. For consumers, if the electric business platform of logistics distribution can be delivered in 1-2 hours, while the credibility and after-sales service with the offline retail industry, or even higher than its standards, and why to the physical store to toss it?

The combination of online lines is already an undisputed future trend, but it is obviously too optimistic to move faster through the same price at this stage. If this is just a marketing tool, obviously not clever enough, because I can get these, consumers will obviously feel more obvious. In advance, let consumers feel the traditional retail industry in the O2O fusion of short board and unhappy, let the online platform to open up the shackles, trot forward, come more realistic and popular!

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