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Many people insist that the wisdom of the city is still in the clouds without trace. In fact, many intelligent applications have been born in our side, but they quietly landed, let us not feel it, do not believe, and see small series for everyone to take stock, 2014 those brightest wisdom City application.

The wisdom of travel

Fast, drop try to solve people's taxi problem, gold, Baidu is committed to solve the problem of seeking road. Intelligent City Solution provider ZTE for Ningbo to build "Ningbo Tong", but to solve the other, people's all travel difficulties.

For example: The goddess of the small make up the night six O'Clock company downstairs see. The consequence of being late is very serious, so I have to go out early. But this point, really want to catch up with traffic is quite a bit. Therefore, this can reflect the value of "Ningbo Tong".

The Intelligent traffic platform will set up the analysis model of the former traffic flow data, and make the data analysis and processing, so that the traffic manager can discriminate the traffic condition of the road, intelligently induce the vehicle and avoid the blocking point.

At the same time, based on a large number of historical data and real-time detection data, the traffic parameters in the next 5-15 minutes are forecasted, so that the traffic managers can understand the changing trend of traffic status in time, and find all kinds of traffic events actively, so as to take corresponding measures to avoid the occurrence of traffic jam.

In other words, if the small series out of the planning of the road traffic congestion risk, "Ningbo Tong" will inform me in advance, and give adjustment suggestions.

If, smoothly received goddess, enjoy the romance of the two world returned home found parking space was accounted for. The cold, the goddess unhappy consequence is still very serious. What do we do? At this point, you can open the start of the "Move Car" function, no need to nagging property or police, car owners can receive notice to move cars. Finally, because the "intelligent traffic" goddess boasted that I was capable.

The wisdom of Traveling

Travel is an annoying topic. A year holiday is so limited for a few days, go out to see a sea of people, do not go out to travel, and can not stand a friend of all kinds of brush screen stimulation. What do we do?

For example: This Christmas, if the goddess said to go for a vacation, it is really not too tangled. Because this year's completed smart tourist city will become the first choice for small, for example, said the northern Pearl Qinhuangdao.

Qinhuangdao is a good place, known as "Beijing-Tianjin Garden," said, is China's northern region well-known tourist city. However, small series choose Qinhuangdao only because of a point, this year, ZTE built the wisdom of Qinhuangdao tourism application has landed, as a lazy goods, natural yaotu convenience.

You know, now Qinhuangdao's key scenic spots, road sections, passenger station visitors to the center of the network to achieve free WiFi access. Which Goddess doesn't like to clap? It's cool to connect to WiFi and share more than n photos.

In addition to free WiFi, smart travel multimedia Query Large screen is also spread over many scenic spots, very practical. However, as a mobile phone control, only need to download a Qinhuangdao Wisdom Travel app can complete Qinhuangdao local all travel information inquiries and realize booking scenic tickets, hotels, tickets and so on.

In addition, the small series feel quite reliable is that Qinhuangdao intelligent Tourism Emergency Command Center has been officially put into use, the City 6 scenic spots, 5 Tourist Advisory Center, 2 travel Agencies 39 Road to complete the video signal access. The preliminary construction of the city, county Tourism Bureau, the travel enterprise three-level emergency command system, greatly enhanced Qinhuangdao's tourism early warning and emergency handling capacity.

After all, go out first yaotu a peace. On the journey, if the staff disorderly, if encounter unjust, small make even if the heart in front of the goddess show heroic, also worry about small body can hold ah, or have ubiquitous "day eye" monitoring more reassuring.

The wisdom of the Community

As the saying goes, distant relatives than neighbors. It's a bit urgent, it's the old king next door.

So it is important to integrate into the Community's life circle. But go out and make dance square dancing aunt is obviously not the director, then, how can the text can not write couplet can not dredge the toilet of small weave in front of the Goddess camouflage very capable?

It is simply that the use of intelligent community applications to the "Super citizen." ZTE is in Nanjing to create such a smart Community application "Community pass." It is said that social workers (community workers) use it to become the omniscient super Ldea (in fact, have the policy background of the query related events and process permissions), the people use it can turn into "Super citizen".

For example: Small series with the goddess just settled in a community, familiar with the work flow of neighborhood committees, to understand the courier contact, looking for appropriate domestic services, to inquire about property services, found around the shops, it must take a lot of time.

However, small series as an otaku often neglect this matter, really want to home sewer blocked water diffuse jinshan, do not find the right person to deal with, will inevitably provoked the goddess unhappy.

However, there is a way, this time as long as "medium two" fully take out a mobile phone shout a change "super citizen" is, because the above services are all integrated in the community through the app, need any help, a key to direct.

Not only that, the community residents can also be based on the application of various circles of life, such as online life circle, Business circle, entertainment culture circle, Theme circle. Hey, otaku, you can also be a social star in this community. Look, give the goddess more face.

The wisdom of Education

Said for a long time, we estimate also see out, above said "goddess", but small make up yy just. Very sad to say, small series has studied in a male and female ratio of 10:1 of the engineering institutions, since then had the otaku disease, from the goddess.

Small series in private will also think, but before the college entrance examination can not get to the legendary "Huanggang Secret question." Otherwise, maybe you can change the fate, do not Couba, at least not single so far. So, learned that Huanggang wisdom education to make up is, small series feel excited, because this lasted nearly half a century of Hubei education Holy Land, will be open to students nationwide.

At present, with the help of ZTE, Huanggang "intelligent Education" project has been completed. Thereafter, Huanggang will upgrade from education to a strong city, and eventually become a demonstration base of China's grassroots education industrialization, and continuously export Huanggang education brand, value, talent and management platform.

This means that the sharing and dissemination of quality education resources from Huanggang is more convenient, and the national students will enjoy this benefit in a more convenient and fast way. Beginnings, since ancient times Huanggang out of Couba, now, Huanggang but to all the students are Couba.

If, the small series really became Couba, perhaps now has been promoted to the editor-in-chief, marry Goddess, embark on the peak of life. There is no need to share these beautiful wisdom life with Goddess.

However, we also do not rush to comfort small, because no matter is the intelligent traffic in Ningbo, Qinhuangdao wisdom Travel, Nanjing Wisdom Community, Huanggang wisdom Education, are not in our own city, that is, the so-called "other people's Wisdom city."

Of course, we do not worry, after all, now the wisdom of the city application is rapidly landing, maybe next year this time to see small series of inventory, you will find that the wisdom of life has come to each one of us.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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