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Summary: Go to where net yesterday encounter to peer public shelling. Ma Cellular Travel Network CEO Chen Yu publicly criticized where the PR company paid people to write positive comments about the hotel. The question of Weibo was forwarded thousands of times. Industry insiders, this public questioning kicked off the hotel in advance

Where to go the nets yesterday encountered a public shelling of peers. Ma Cellular Travel Network CEO Chen Yu publicly criticized where the PR company paid people to write "positive comments" for the hotel. The question of Weibo was forwarded thousands of times. Industry insiders, this public question kicked off the hotel reservations industry early "praise" unspoken rules, the deep reason is that the online tourism enterprises to UGC (full name for the user generated content, that is, users generated contents) New market segment competition.

Peers: Where to go net out "bad idea"

"Where to spend money to pay people to write ' positive comments ' on the hotel, a 500 yuan, this is obviously a bad idea." "Chen Yu published a set of" evidence "through personal microblogs. A few days ago, he said, he received an invitation from a new bridge PR salesman who claimed to be responsible for the hotel reservation project, and would invite some visitors to the internet to book their business. If the traveling talent completes the reservation and writes the positive appraisal, the company will provide the traveling fund, 500 yuan to 800 yuan. "It's unwise to ask people to write ' positive evaluations '," he said. I think only true evaluation can help users, this is the foundation of your career. Do not know @ Diver Zhungchengsu agree? Chen Yu at the end of the Weibo also directly @ where to go to the net CEO Zhungchengsu.

Chen Yu said that many travel agent site survival mode, is the hands of the hotel to maximize profits sold out. They are responsible for the hotel, so they have to pay people to write "positive assessment" of the poor behavior. In addition to themselves, some senior users of the MA Honeycomb also received similar invitations to letters.

Where to go: "User comments are true"

"We are not commenting. "Yesterday, go to where the net aspect told the reporter. The reporter also contacted Chen Gang referred to the new bridge PR salesman, as of press when the other party has not responded.

Although there is no positive response, but where to go net Customer Service Officer Micro-Bo in Chen gang below reply to other netizens said: "Where to go to the network hotel reviews are from the user's true comments." "Where to go to the net of this statement attracted Chen Yu words more intense questioning, said its" really open eyes lie. "

An unnamed industry insider told reporters that the hotel booking industry competition is relatively fierce, there are two commonly used "praise" method: One is to hire "Navy" forged user registration after the number of brushes, one is to find a variety of travel talent or "large" to promote the quality of soft brush. In addition, many travel agencies will use similar coupons to lure ordinary users to write good reviews. "From the Chen Yu published material look, the other side is very strong, is to help go where the net do reviews, but from the pay standard, higher, unless the object is the industry boss." "CFP

Experts say

In order to compete for UGC subdivision business

Yang Yanfeng, an industry analyst at China Tourism Research Institute, told reporters that the information asymmetry of the tourism business and consumers has always existed, so the users ' comments and strategies will affect the consumption of the potential users to a large extent. On the face of it, everyone is arguing about where the net is going to pay for the comments. The underlying scenario is the competition for UGC, a new segment of the online travel business. Ma Honeycomb, poor Travel network, on the road and bread and other enterprises have a place, the market is also very high valuations, Ctrip, where to go nets and other first legion now began to chase.

Senior Internet expert Wang Kuanxiong yesterday wrote an analysis, said, "Praise" in the Internet industry has long been not surprising. Many of the evaluation, especially with Taobao poor assessment of the most deterrent, and even the birth of a business review of the change division of the industry. Platform to combat false comments, in order to maintain the user evaluation information objective and independent.

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