Where will the next outlet for the electricity-business-driven consumption be?

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Absrtact: Use taxi software to make an appointment for taxis; Use mobile phones to buy and spend time on the bus and on the subway. Search for nearby food and share it with 35 friends in the coming day, when your fridge is finished, it will automatically place an order and send it to

Use a taxi software to make an appointment for taxis, bus and subway shopping on a mobile phone to spend a boring time; One day, when your fridge is finished, it will automatically place an order, send it to the merchant and the supplier, and make the production, retail, logistics and distributors realize the whole thing.

In the "new normal", consumption has become an important engine to stimulate economic development, and in recent years, the surge in the electricity business has become the main force to stimulate consumption. So, where will the next outlet for the electricity-business-driven consumption be?

The effect of pulling consumption is obvious, the electric business is developing from fast to high speed

38 minutes 10 billion yuan, 24 hours 57.1 billion yuan. In this year's "Double 11" carnival, the total turnover of Alibaba Group's cat amounted to 57.1 billion yuan, compared with last year's "double 11" 35 billion yuan turnover increase 59%, and then create the most history.

And compared to the "double 11" online carnival-oriented, just past the "double 12" is no less than the line under the Nuggets route. Taobao joint Alipay, in the nationwide launch of large-scale online promotions, including Quick taxi, real estate auctions, second-hand car trading, domestic services and other projects.

The development of electric business is rapid, and it is becoming more and more important to consumption. This year, the domestic consumer market has been running smoothly, the last three quarters of the final consumption contribution to economic growth than investment growth contribution of about 7%. The Ministry of Commerce monitoring data shows that the network retail growth, January-September year-on-year growth in online shopping 32.2%.

Lianping, chief economist at Bank of Communications, said at the ninth annual China online retail conference that "2015-2020 will be the turning point for electronic commerce from rapid development to high-speed development, because at that time, the new consumers will focus on the social stage, and become the mainstay of social productivity and consumption backbone." ”

With the Chinese economy entering the "new normal", the investment growth rate is slowing down, the export growth is shifting, and the pulling effect of consumption on economic growth is becoming more and more evident. In elaborating the consumption demand, the central Economic Working Conference recently held that we must adopt correct consumption policy, release the consumption potential, and make consumption continue to play a basic role in promoting economic development.

In this regard, market participants and experts believe that the consumption of electricity will provide a broader new space for China's consumer sector.

Online integration to further stimulate consumer demand

This year's "Double 11", Beijing's white-collar Zhangxiaoli did not keep in front of the computer Taobao, but chose to go shopping malls. "Market launch of the Client Push discount information, more than the internet is not much more expensive, but also to the shop to try to wear, to avoid the internet to buy inappropriate clothes to return the trouble." ”

She told reporters, such as Tianhong department store has launched a shopping function of the application platform, as long as the addition of Rainbow Department of the micro-signal, you can directly in the application platform to select goods, but also through the platform and shopping guide communication, and finally through the phone to complete. When the merchant does the activity, the product price is not necessarily higher than the net.

"There is now a pattern of convergence between the moving end, the PC side and the store line," he said. "This approach drives the transformation of traditional shopping malls, improves consumer shopping experience and further stimulates consumer demand," Fan Penghui said.

Not only are traditional retailers adapting to the mobile internet era, but also the major electric dealers have to use their brains to take the initiative to meet the new challenges posed by mobile Internet.

It is understood that "double 12" period, Taobao introduced individual farm products, laundry, door-to-door to help users to carry out car valuation, public chip, auction and other services. In addition, tens of thousands of stores to participate in the large-scale promotion, the user paid Alipay can enjoy 50 percent discount, resulting in a large number of stores were crowded.

"In the information Age, the brand that relies on the electric dealer to start a line to experience, rely on the traditional retail brand to start the online channel." Only online under the line is very good integration, and constantly optimize the consumer experience, to the challenge of opportunity. "Flying Elephant net CEO Xiangli just [Weibo] said.

Multi-channel breakthrough, experts optimistic about mobile consumption potential

Mobile electric business, rural electricity dealers, cross-border electricity dealers ... Where is the next outlet where the electric dealer pulls the consumption?

Many experts are optimistic about the potential of mobile consumption. Xiang said that with the gradual popularization of 4G and WiFi networks, mobile power companies will surpass the PC side and become one of the breakthroughs in the continued growth of the electric business sector.

It is understood that this year "double 11" cat turnover, wireless end turnover accounted for the total sales of 42.6%, and last year accounted for 21%.

Mobile terminals and the software consumption they bring are the main engines to drive information consumption. "Software + application + content" has become the general mode of information consumption, micro-letter launched a short span of 3 years, the user has been over 600 million, derived from including phone recharge, financial management, taxis, selected stores, red envelopes, AA collection, such as a series of new information consumption.

Rural consumption potential will also be further developed. Data from China's Internet Information Center show that the size of China's online shopping market has multiplied in the three years since 2008, but in 2013 the growth rate fell to 40%, while three or four-line cities have grown faster than the big cities in the last two years.

"The introduction of electricity has changed farmers ' past consumption information asymmetry, the cost of smartphones is much lower than a computer, and mobile phone shopping operation process is easier to learn." "This is a huge potential treasure for China with a vast rural market," Xiang said.

This year as the world's double 11 is also a harbinger of the development potential of the Cross-border electricity business. Experts pointed out that, along with the rapid growth of Cross-border E-commerce, Cross-border E-commerce will transform China's trade structure and consumption patterns, as a new impetus to promote the upgrading of industrial structure.

With the rapid development of science and technology, perhaps the arrival of the Internet of Things is around the corner, regardless of the future appearance of the electric business, "user-centric" concept will never be outdated. To provide a good network consumption environment, optimize the user experience and protect the rights and interests of consumers will become the truth of irrefutable consumer era.

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