Who is the dark Horse of the service-type website?

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Who is the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/39437.html "> Convenient service class website's dark horse?

At the end of 2007, the convenience of service sites throughout the Chinese land, and venture capitalists are unusually calm, everyone is thinking, since the soft silver acquisition of 58 with the city began, venture capitalists will not fancy themselves, but the recent venture capitalists have been in the wait-and-see situation.

Convenience services, the first is to facilitate the people, serving the common people. For example, I am in Nanjing, and so will go out, and do not know how to go, then I Baidu, search out the results are as follows (Figure 1)

As if the first site SEO do well, open the site to look at, we may wish to analyze the site is how to do the convenience of service, I would like to start by analyzing the advantages of a few to write out:

1, to provide all bus route inquiries, and the query has three ways: routes, sites and transfer inquiries, after the query can see all the accurate road map to the destination, very convenient for the people to choose their own, is really a convenient service.

2. Ask for directions. This product is similar to Baidu know, is a very good product, such as the route can not be found, sent in the road, where the answer is very fast, it is said that the station's website editors are full-time local editors, so the answer quickly, the correct answer is not surprising.

3. Provide information on the condition of train station and long-distance bus station. Now fast New Year, I believe a lot of friends are from the Internet to search the condition of home information, I think this site is very concerned about the people of the service, some convenient service website can refer to the station.

4. Provide weather forecast. Although the weather forecast on the web is now ubiquitous, the weather forecast for this site seems to be more accurate, as I have just learned that the daily weather forecast for this site seems to be internal to the Provincial Meteorological Bureau.

5. Provide carpool communication. Since 2007, after a sharp rise in oil prices, people miserable, so there is a "carpool", and I think that the opening of such a channel is more in line with the "Building a harmonious society" this purpose.

6. Perfect combination with mobile phone. Believe that no matter where the body, as long as the phone can surf the internet, you can always find the latest information on the bus, your dictionary will not be "lost" the word.

7, the station independently developed a Web site Daquan, fresh style, green Web site, and similar to the Web site encyclopedia, the station seems to be more practical

From his entire website structure, content planning and user experience, I can not help but sigh: Dark Horse! This bus site is definitely a convenient service class site of the Dark Horse! He has a lot of places worthy of domestic convenience service website learning, such as SEO, products and so on, have the opportunity to really want to cooperate with the site. By the way, write down the website: www.8684.cn

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