Who will be the new spokesperson for Android after Rubin and Barra?

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"Sohu It News" according to foreign media reports, Google's Android generals have fled. After Android founder Rubin Andy Rubin left the Android team for another 5 months, the Android product manager Hugo Barra (Hugo Barra) switched to millet. Barak's job-hopping may be a win-pull-the "lurking" to the explosive growth of China's smartphone market may be extremely beneficial to Google, but his job-hopping left the Android team with a vacuum. For the outside world, Rubin and Palawan are the Android spokesmen, and Shambhala often appears at various meetings to explain the changes in appearance and functionality of Android. Hilos Lockheimer Hiroshi Lockheimer, Rubin, Barak and vice president of technology, is an authority on the decision-making side of Android products. "Rubin, Palawan and Lockheimer are the troika driving Android growth," said a former Google employee. "At the moment, Android is Sanda Pi Sundar Pichai, whose department includes the Android group and the Chrome and Google Apps apps. Google says it is part of a strong Android leadership team. Android's basic goal-to become the gateway to the Google Service, has not changed. Two of the Android troika have left the Android team, how will android change? Who contributed to these changes? Palawan is very proficient in mobile technology and has worked in Nuance Communications for 5 years in mobile voice search and messaging products. Barak joined Google in March 2008 as head of global mobile products and was responsible for the management of Android products 2 years later. Android moved away from isolation to open Android, which has always shrugged off outsiders, including Google employees in other sectors. Former Google employees recall that Android executives even refused to respond to their calls. For a while, the cafeteria at the Android office was not open to employees in other departments. Former employees blamed Rubin for the "isolationist" culture of the Android Group, who praised Rubin for being a visionary leader and criticized him for not being good at communicating with outsiders. In Rubin's view, collaboration is more of a technical category, the exchange of code and documentation. Collaborating with Android means developing applications or working with the Android team to develop APIs (application programming interfaces). For other departments, Shambhala is a rare and approachable executive of the Android group. Barak is willing to communicate with the outside world, and often with a smile, he has mastered the most critical skills of corporate executives: Demo. Goo"For a nice demo, Shambhala is the absolute core-especially the Android-related demo because you don't move Rubin," says one executive at GLE. "There is a strong sense of product in Palawan," said the colleague. After Barak's departure, Google will consider several members of the leadership team responsible for Android. As the Android group's Masters, Pice quickly integrates Android into other Google businesses. Colleagues praised his conversion of Android from an independent kingdom to a more open environment, and its product awareness and accessibility were widely praised by colleagues. According to Pice, cooperation means face-to-face communication with colleagues and a more active social environment. PI controls a number of businesses, which raises the question: how much energy can he devote to Android? However, all indications are that Pice has been involved in all the major decisions related to the operating system since taking over Android. Other Android General Lockheimer, who has been an Android executive for a long time, has received occasional attention. Lockheimer as vice president of Android Technology, and Rubin and Barak mentioned him in a farewell letter. "Other members of the Lockheimer and Android leadership team will continue to work with all partners to drive Android," Rubin wrote. "A former Google employee said that since Pice's arrival in Android, Lockheimer has played a more important role in the department, often answering Android-related questions at the company's in-house meetings." Another important member of the Android team was design director Matias Douatte (Matias Duarte). Douatte has done similar work in Palm's webOS development team. Douatte from the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is responsible for the design work. Douatte, in collaboration with many other teams within Google, has developed a new design language that is replicated across the company. "Android has never had design guidelines and Douatte fills this gap," said one Google employee. "Douatte has a very high impact within Google and has played an important role in product design such as the Android Chrome browser," said people familiar with the matter. But several insiders revealed that Douatte will continue to be responsible for the current work and focus on design. Another important member of the Android team is the Technology director Dave Burk Dave Burke. One colleague called Burke the "heavyweight" member of the Android team and pointed out that he managed the--android heart and soul of platform technology. Burke is not well-known outside the world, it is not clear how his position in the Android group will be changed. But if Google is interested in promoting an engineer who can communicate with the outside world, Burke is certainly the rightPerson。 If Google were to promote executives within the Android group, there would be quite a lot of room for choice. Other key members of the Android group include Johanna Wright, vice president of search for Google Now, Joanna Lette, vice president of digital content for Google Play Jemi Rosenberg (Jamie Rosenberg). New challenges to old problems the next generation of Android leaders faces a number of challenges, ranging from old problems-such as a plethora of versions to a generation of developers and new problems-including the development of new Android products, such as wearable computing devices. Google needs an "ambassador" that can guide the development of Android and promote products to global consumers. The work has been in the charge of Palawan, and now Google needs to find a qualified successor to take over the work of Barak. The biggest challenge for Pice is to make sure that Android achieves its goals, and that his decision could lay the groundwork for Android and even Google's development in the next few years. Bamboo)
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