Who you are is not important, who is important together

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A group of robbers at the bank robbery said a wise word: "Do not allow all moving, money is the country, life is their own!" We all lay silent.

[This is called the concept of change, change the original fixed way of thinking]

The robbers glanced at the cashier who was wearing a skirt lying on the table in a large shape and said: "Please lay down some civilizations! This is robbing fortune, not robbery!"

[This is called stick to professional ethics, should not do not quit]

After the robbery went back successfully, one of the new robbers (master's degree) said that "the boss, let's go and grab the number." The old robber (primary education) said: "You're so stupid. When will you count it? Do not you know the news tonight? "

【This is called work experience, the first work experience is more important than academic qualifications.】

After the robbers were gone, the president said, hurriedly reported the case! The director just left and the president hurriedly said: "Wait! Add the five million that we had personally embezzled last time!"

[This is called the crisis plan, the disadvantage is advantageous]

Director said: "If the robbers to snatch once a month just fine."

[Work is boring, happy the most important]

The next day, the news network reported that the bank was robbed a hundred million, but the number of robbers counted only 20 million. Boss cursed: "Damn, Lao Zi fight a life before robbed 20 million, the bank president made 80 million moving fingers, it seems that this year still want to study ah!"

[Knowledge can convert money proof]

When the bank chief saw the news broadcast, she said to the director, "Exclama, you can be kiddy, but you can not be fat enough." The director laughed and said nothing, saying: "Mom's , Finally through the robbers to buy the hole in the oil stocks make up. "

Explain to take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of, and have the courage to take risks

Take a look at riding a bike, and then hard to catch up Land Rover.

Description: "Platform is important!"

Men, no matter how good, no woman can not give birth to children.

Note: "Cooperation is important!"

A person, then have the ability, but also a group of people.

Explanation: "The team is important!"

Want to have protection, buy another big bucket than dig a well.

Description: "The channel is very important!"

Two frogs love, marriage toad a toad.

Public Frogs see furious: how else?

Female frog cried:

His father, I know you before the whole capacity.

Explanation: "Knowing is important!"

Donkey asked the old donkey: why we graze every day, while the cow Dun Dun concentrate feed?

Donkey sighed: let's men rely on their legs to eat, others rely on breasts to eat.

Description: "Mentality is important!"

Ducks and crab racing difficult to get the winner,

The referee said: you draw a box to determine it!

Duck furious: I'm all out of cloth,

He always scissors.

Description: "innate very important"

The dog said to the bear: Marry me, you will be happy.

Bear said: you are born bear,

I want to marry a cat, a panda is honorable.

Description: "Choices are important"

Follow the flies to find the toilet,

Follow the bees to find flowers,

With millionaire earn millions,

Beggar will follow the meal!

In real life,

It is indeed important that you are with whom,

Even change your growth trajectory,

Decide your life success or failure.

And what kind of people together,

What kind of life will happen

With diligent people, you will not be lazy;

With positive people, you will not be depressed;

You will be extraordinary when you are with wise people.

You can climb to the top with an expert.

Scientists think: "People are the only animals that can accept clues."

Positive suggestion, will have a good impact on human emotion and physical condition, inspire people's inner potential

Can, to play the extraordinary level of people, enterprising, inspiring.

Keep away from negative people!

Otherwise, they will unknowingly steal your dreams, leaving you decadent and mediocre.

Positive portrait of the sun, according to where bright;

Negative portrait moon, the first fifteen is not the same.

attitude decides everything.

What attitude, what kind of future: personality determines the fate.

What kind of personality, what kind of life.

Some people say that there are three major fortunes in life:

Met a good teacher in school;

Met a good teacher at work;

I met a good partner when I got married.

Sometimes they are a sweet smile, a warm greeting, you can make your life unique, brilliant.

The most unfortunate in life is: due to the lack of aggressive people around you, the lack of visionary people, so that your life become mediocre mediocre, sad!

There is a saying goes well: who you are does not matter, what is important is who you are with.

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