Why do mobile phone manufacturers are enthusiastic about the marketing of fans, what are the ways?

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Introduction: Fan marketing has been a commonplace topic, especially in the millet vermicelli marketing to obtain huge business benefits, fans have gone from the entertainment industry to the mobile phone industry, into a special language of marketing.

Fan marketing has been a cliché, especially in Millet's fan marketing to obtain huge business benefits, fans have moved from entertainment to the mobile phone industry, into the marketing language. "Rice noodles", "le powder", "pollen", "star", "V powder" ..., if there are no fans, you are embarrassed to say that you are a mobile phone manufacturer. The following I summed up the domestic handset manufacturers do fan marketing several ways? Also talk about how Luo is "playing" fan marketing?

Several ways for mobile phone manufacturers to do vermicelli marketing

Vermicelli Marketing is the product of millet Internet thinking mode. But some people say, Lei is actually "steal division" the Charm Clan Zang Forum marketing, Lei only this and forum interaction play to the extreme. From the development of MIUI to the birth of millet mobile phone, millet fully utilize the social new media platform, mobilize the sense of participation of fans, from development to products, from the brand to the role of the spread of fans. Can say, millet vermicelli Marketing is the originator of domestic mobile phones. First of all, we look at the current domestic many mobile phone manufacturers are how to do fan marketing?

1, hire the Navy, Jean as a fan

Hiring the Navy is the cheapest and worst way to do it, but it is estimated that many mobile phone manufacturers have done this or often. But hiring the navy is the simplest and quickest way to do it, so it's very enjoyable from multiple handset makers. We can often see some post-bar, forum, large Weibo comments, filled with various five Mao party's saliva battle. Last year, there were news reports that Samsung hired a navy to forge online reviews and was fined 340,000 of dollars. There have been media exposure, a domestic mobile phone manufacturers in half a year spent more than a billion in the country hired a hundred thousand of Navy control all the forum, the network hype. That sounds appalling!

2, with the help of celebrities, engage in marketing fans

The way to do this is simply to treat the star fans as fans of their own phones. This kind of phenomenon Korean brand majority, LG handset is min endorsement, Samsung is "Tu Min-jun" Kim Soo endorsement. It is understood that Min attended the launch of LG G3 in August, led to micro-Bo by min fans collective "Brush screen"! This approach can in some ways cause some events and effects. But actually is the self-deception, the star's fan is not your product and the brand fan.

3, community, new media marketing

This is the current domestic most mobile phone manufacturers are doing a way, by the spirit of the Technology Forum Interactive origin, Millet will this way formed a pattern. It is understood that Millet's new media team has nearly hundred people, visible its importance. And the current domestic like Hammer mobile phone, a plus, Iuni and many other Internet phone brands are adopted this way.

4, Offline experience activities

There are two kinds of offline experience activities, one is self distribution and the other is official organization. Millet this way to achieve the ultimate. Millet online experience activities, rice noodle spontaneous 50 small activities, but also millet official organization of the thousands of people's "popcorn" with the city large-scale activities. Online New Media + online experience activities, has become a millet vermicelli marketing two axes!

The recent millet is trying a case to analyze! Now Millet is trying to graft this model to the new investment of the elderly mobile phone first brand 21 grams. Millet is united 21 grams of development of a family of long-distance mobile phone assistant software "Close", can help children through remote control of their parents ' mobile phone, modify the parents of all settings, download music, applications, positioning parents location functions. In order to better develop "pro-linked" software, millet and 21 grams of mobile phones online to invite children to test and experience, offline in-depth elderly community to understand their needs. It can be said that the combination of online forums, new media feedback and offline User Experience report, has become the most mature millet vermicelli marketing and the most effective way!

How does Luo "play" fan marketing?

Recently, hammer phone fans frequently spontaneous online experience activities. According to statistics, the country has probably more than 50 large and medium-sized City Hammer users launched the offline experience activities. There are micro-blog accounts, "I hammer heavy spit small expert" joked, "see the spontaneous activities of various regions so much." Deeply feel, if Mr. Luo is born seventy or eighty years early. "To tell the truth, this phenomenon is really reminiscent of the revolutionary era of intellectual spontaneous reading activities." So how did the old man "play fan marketing"?

Before answering this question, let's look at the next popular marketing book, the Exploding Pop, which mentions the three principles that trigger the epidemic: content adhesion, key character principles, environmental power. The key character rule is that three categories of people play a key role in the spread of one thing, initiating and driving the whole process of communication: insiders, contacts and salesmen. If it is a combination of mobile phone products. Insiders refer to those mobile phone enthusiasts, familiar with a variety of mobile phone hardware and parameters, its professional degree is absolutely not poor research and development engineers. The contact is socially gifted, has a very wide network of contacts, he is like a large industry, if you can let him praise your products, it is easier to promote. The salesman understands that whenever they buy a new cell phone, they recommend it to friends around them, and even persuade a friend to accept the phone.

The key character rule is the most appropriate professional explanation for fan marketing. Fans are a large and uncertain group of people, some of whom are insiders, and others are contacts and salesmen. As fans of a mobile phone manufacturer, they are not only users of the product, but also products and brands, and can even participate in product development, such as product hardware and operating system trial and testing, and so on.

It can be said that Lao Luo is familiar with the "key character principles", and the professionals, contacts and salesmen of these three kinds of people "play in the palm of the hand." From the "Key person principle" look. The quality of the hammer-phone fans is relatively high-end, almost all of them "insiders". After receiving the hammer phone, they can write an in-depth experience of the long text, and even all of them are photographers, the Smartisan T1 photographed very beautiful. In the poster that launches the line activity, can also combine the place name to come up with the high force the activity topic. These "professionals" produced content, and then through the old (he himself is compatible with insiders, contacts and salesman three identity) forwarding, so that more "contact", "salesman", or even ordinary consumers see, and then form the dissemination and recognition.

The previous factor that drives these key people to automatically propagate is that your product and brand must have content adhesion. This is a very important premise, the old "play" is actually, Smartisan T1 process, design and the so-called feelings, these have a lot of people playing and dissemination of the elements. This is where other handset makers need to think and learn. Responsibility Series

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