Why is the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises ineffective?

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Thank you for the support and help of bird-like, in the work of this time, the bird likes to have a lot of things to share with you, but busy for half a year has not time to write a blog. A year since the birds and the new concept of the Web team members continue to in-depth business, to a number of traditional industries and foreign trade companies have carried out network marketing planning and promotion, for these companies to find a network marketing road. It also saw a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing business can not get out of the dilemma, the most fatal is that the investment has no effect after.

Originally let small and medium-sized enterprises full of expectations and fantasy Network marketing, with its low-cost, high efficiency, high yield potential characteristics, however, no effect, but has become a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing, the most direct experience gained. Beautiful halo behind, in the end what is the factor that led to the small and medium Enterprises Network marketing effect is so bad? Based on the actual experience of comprehensive analysis and understanding, summed up the following five reasons:

No marketing sites established

What is a marketing site? Network Marketing 2.0 theory gives such a definition: marketing-oriented web site is based on corporate marketing goals for site planning, with good search engine performance and user experience, a complete evaluation system, can use a variety of means to convert visitors to customer service in the Enterprise marketing purposes website.

The small and medium-sized Enterprise website, whether has the very strong marketing, is carries on the network marketing whether obtains the best effect the most important factor. In the whole network business activities, the customer will eventually go to find their intention to buy products or services, eventually find the door to ultimately or potential customers. Therefore, the establishment of marketing-oriented web sites for small and medium-sized enterprises, it becomes critical.

The marketing website compares with the ordinary enterprise website, has obvious advantages and characteristics, it from a variety of different angles and needs to consider, the enterprise website comprehensive analysis, and finally integrated a variety of Web site functions and services, so that it has a strong marketing function and marketing value, the pursuit of the final marketing effect.

Invalid promotion

Now, in the entire Internet, the network promotion way, is a dazzling array, a variety of. Bannar advertising, mass mailing, soft text PR, forum posts, blog publicity, viral promotion and so on. Small and medium-sized enterprises on how to promote the corporate web site, know its micro, do not know what kind of promotional methods will achieve low investment returns effect.

Admittedly, the promotion on the network, nature is essential, but too many ineffective promotion, even if the use of more and more wide, eventually equal to zero, in vain without effect. Website promotion is a very comprehensive knowledge, if the lack of profound understanding of its understanding, and no professional guidance, I am afraid that the effect is very difficult as people want.

Shanghai is the industry's legendary network marketing experts, to promote and promote the network has decades of experience, the industry's most authoritative and most well-known network promotion experts, small and medium-sized network marketing business, has a profound understanding of the launch of the SME Network marketing one-stop Network marketing service platform a more than one, At present, has been warmly welcomed by the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises, for thousands of customers to solve the network marketing problems, become the network marketing industry's most well-known products.

Lack of transformation ability

A large number of enterprises, in the establishment of corporate websites, as long as the site left contact address or contact phone, think customers can come to the door. This single way of transformation, it is obviously difficult to timely transfer of visitors to customers. Business Opportunity Message, free call callback, instant Chat tool use, enterprise map navigation, customer product order function, etc., these extremely important transformation means, but not appear in the Enterprise website.

In the transformation capacity, a stop-through network marketing products, given enough attention to this, from the customer's message to the creation of orders, from the introduction of real-time chat tools, and then to the enterprise map navigation, all from the customer's experience and needs, guide the potential customers to the important business opportunity information through a platform to communicate to small and medium-sized enterprises.

It can be said that a stop-through whether it is the marketing of the site, or from the ability to transform the visitors, are the industry's leading SME network marketing products. This product, once launched, by the small and medium-sized enterprises are widely recognized and respected, has gradually become popular, its influence in small and medium-sized enterprises more and more big.

Lack of business impact assessment

The evaluation of the effect after the promotion has always been a topic of wide concern to the industry, but also a difficult problem to control. How much traffic do you get per day? How much is the value of the traffic? What is the value of the current Web site? How to develop the next promotional plan? This is a direct link to the business impact assessment that results from the website promotion.

Enterprise website, if not to the promotion of corporate web site to make an objective real business evaluation, as paid grease, but do not know what the final results.

The Emerging Network Marketing 2.0 theory, has carried on the thorough analysis and the research to the promotion propaganda effect, has determined a set of network marketing effect appraisal plan. From the Daily network platform traffic detailed data analysis, to customer access to information statistics of business opportunities, are accurate measurement and comprehensive calculation. So that customers can observe in time to quantify, digitized the actual promotion effect, thus, to avoid the previous network marketing effect can not or difficult to grasp the confusion.

The analysis and grasp of the effect has become an obvious feature of Network Marketing 2.0. Dr. Dong, a network Marketing 2.0 theory expert, in the "Network Marketing 2.0 Effectiveness Evaluation" theory article, said: "The user community's general demand determines that the network marketing effect Evaluation Service must take the commercial value analysis as the core, at present those only provides the basic flow statistic analysis The tool obviously to be unable to continuously win the user's approval." ”

Talent as the ultimate bottleneck

Whether it is the establishment of a marketing site, or the most effective way to promote the promotion, to the end can achieve the desired marketing results, ultimately, it is due to human factors. It can be said that people, ultimately determines the effectiveness of network marketing.

On the internet marketing still feel unfamiliar small and medium-sized enterprises, the face of the turbulent internet marketing trends, the face of the construction of the Web site how to build? What kind of site? How to do effective promotion? Accidentally, it is easy to be fooled by others, to build a no marketing value of the site, or do some fundamental meaningless publicity, often led to many small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out the network marketing stage of failure.

To build a marketing web site, you need to plan talent, design talent, technical personnel, promote a marketing-oriented website also need professional publicity talent, marketing talent. Obviously, these are most of the small and medium-sized enterprises, can not or say it is difficult to have, not too practical. Therefore, many small and medium-sized Enterprises will network marketing work, entrusted to the third party network marketing companies to do, naturally become a logical thing.

Web new concept team, with a new concept of interpretation of the Internet, adhering to the concept of promoting network marketing conversion and saving the cost of network promotion, to help small and medium enterprises to carry out effective network marketing services, so that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to understand what is network marketing, Use the most actual network marketing effect to help small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the network marketing ROI, real benefit from Network marketing.

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