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Promotion is a basic skill, not just copy and paste, more tangible travels of the way, the promotion is like knife workers, only the promotion of skilled skills, exquisite skill, can be in the Internet arena, to promote, is pushing, and a wide process, how to use the smallest strength to achieve the greatest effect, is a learning technology.

Promotion, but also all sites must be a subject, many sites, web technology, services, site content, activities, but also very important, all the links are bucket theory, if less promotion, become a short board, will be a defective.

Promotion, is a focus of marketing, why a hao123 can do well known, and similar hao123 tens of thousands of of sites can not be famous, because the latter is not recognized, promotion, is to achieve a cognitive process.
Why the brain platinum do everybody knows, is because of their promotion, just pay, how to create this payment and free promotion on the Internet, you need to do, Qinnengbuzhuo, so that free to achieve the same pay effect.

The promotion of both mechanical and boring, but also in the promotion of the skills and vitality to find, the promotion itself is very bitter, but must as a long-term insist, every day will do things, A5 now to promote or a little less, 10 a day to paste, to 30 a day to paste, half an hour a day, and eat the same, three meals of the practice. Will have an extraordinary effect.

The promotion achieves the effect, at one's fingertips is the promotion, pushes in the silent place, everywhere by two times promotion propaganda.

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