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We already know that Blizzard's big plan for December 7-The New World of Warcraft documentary "Cataclysm" is officially online. At this year's carnival, Blizzard has even given a few hints that the upcoming events in the world could cause some areas of the map to suffer longer.  Now that we know what the world is all about, wow players have to prepare for unexpected deaths. The behind-the-scenes story involved the mighty dragon-Death wing coming out of the ground and bringing destruction and death to Azeroth. These will be shown in the game, the entire region will be instantaneous annihilation. The official Blizzard Post is based on: "Once the wings of death break free from bondage to rule the world, it will attack every day in Azeroth's randomly chosen region until its devastating reign is terminated." The only omen before the worst is that the sky will darken, and its wicked flames will devour everything.  The unexpected players also need not worry, do not have to run the body but to repair costs, but also receive a rare "Feat of Strength" Albert. Every player needs to struggle inwardly. Whether this achievement is worth dying once, but it must be acknowledged that this achievement is manifesting the power and horror of the Wings of death. Interested players can find death or die. (Digging the shell net)
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