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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall


"Win in the mobile and cloud" round table (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Science and technology news April 7, today, the seventh session of the Chinese Internet webmaster in 2012 held at the Beijing International Conference Center. In the afternoon, the Petal net CEO Liu Pingyang, Microsoft China Platform Division technical Director Zhaoliwei, the Flash gathers the network CEO Liu Xingliang, the Qing Ke Ventures the Director general Manager Yes, the application remit CEO Rochuan, the cool plate chairman Huangmingming, the positive benefit wireless Appcan leader Liu participated in with " Win the Roundtable Forum on the topic of how to capture the opportunities of mobile Internet with the cloud.


Application CEO Rochuan

Rochuan says the real push to move the internet is made up of iphone and Android two handsets. "Every region, each vertical area produces a different demand for the Internet than it has in the past, which dramatically alters the way we get information in the past, and dramatically changes the way each user gets the service, especially in consulting, entertainment, game-driven, tools and products for various scenarios. ”


Petal NET CEO Liu Pingyang

Liu Pingyang said that the domestic mobile internet opportunity is generally 3 g:girl (Beauty), Game (game), gamb (gambling).


Flash Poly Network CEO Liu Xingliang

Liu Xingliang believes that the first person to be a stranger to make friends to enable entrepreneurs in the field of mobile Internet.


Positive Benefits Wireless Appcan head Liu

"The mobile internet has been a hot spot for two years, but our analysis of this hotspot does not mean that it will disappear over the next two years, or really be a direction and become an important branch of the Internet," Liu said. In the process of mobile internet popularization, we must face some problems, such as the difficulty of mobile application development, the high cost of development, and the difficulty of operation maintenance. ”


Yes, managing director of Qing Ke Venture

In the Forum site, Yes revealed that the Qing branch last year invested 30 companies, including Tencent Open platform above the enterprise.


Zhaoliwei, technical director of Microsoft China Platform Division

Zhaoliwei that the mobile Internet is still in the early stages of rapid development, but it presents a very diverse form.


Cool Disc Chairman Huangmingming

Huangmingming said that maybe in another two years we will not talk about what is the Internet, what is mobile Internet, the mobile internet is nothing but you changed a little bit of screen to connect to the Internet, get content of a different way, no more internet and mobile Internet, this is not a problem, is sure to do, from ourselves. #p # subtitle #e#

Here's a round table of "How to win the opportunity of mobile Internet in Mobile and cloud":

Lu Gang: Thanks again, brother Zhang, there are also in the following, because we only have 50 minutes, we see we put a number of stools here, so we have to seize the time, I will not be a call, we invite all guests of this forum, applause welcome you to come to our front desk, thank you very much. I think I should complain about this Zhang, please all of them are cattle, and put so many cattle are concentrated in such a forum, really too wasteful, I think should give everyone to talk about 15 minutes, they have a lot of things to share. I feel like sitting here all morning, it's hard to go to a lot of domestic meetings, including foreign, it is difficult to have a whole day in a venue has been staying, because I think, the second time to this side, I feel that everyone is webmaster, are all talking about the Chinese internet, but I feel really doing, a lot of international meetings are in the bluff, And the special internationalization meeting is actually a bunch of foreigners in a bunch of foreigners, really boring, and the real Chinese Internet backbone, I believe that everyone here are you. Because we all know that China has internet culture, the Internet culture is a large part of our webmaster, we BBS above, I think a lot of time everyone is talking about China's innovation in where? Where is China's innovation power? Where is the Chinese innovation crowd? It's all very interesting, it sounds very simple name, a webmaster, You do a lot of things that are not known to many others, but many of the things you do are very valuable, and that's what I'm really excited about coming here.

In addition, from an angle also feel particularly confused, I know a lot of webmaster, we talk about mobile internet today, talk about a lot of entrepreneurial things, and now the mobile Internet also has a business hotspot, many of you are an entrepreneur, I think there is a little, you do a lot of things, now we talk about entrepreneurship, Talking about investing may not feel like everybody's putting you on the side, you do not play mobile internet, and do not play app is a bit outdated, but if you raise your hands are making money, and the morning we heard Dai (Weibo) also mentioned that many of the so-called future is in the webmaster. We get down to business, since everyone told us to say dry goods, before speaking dry goods or give us half a minute of advertising time, please each one to do a self-introduction, introduce yourself to do things.

Liu Pingyang: Hello everybody, I am the petal net Liu Pingyang, is last November new website that pushes, today is very happy to come to this meeting place, hope to communicate with everybody a lot.

Zhaoliwei: Hello everyone, I am from Microsoft China Development Tools Platform Division, our department is mainly responsible for Microsoft many new technology platform technology promotion work, in the past few years we talk about cloud more, but since last year, because with Microsoft WindowsPhone7 and this year WINDOWS8 platform is about to launch, We will at the end of the level, we hope to have more development level of communication.

Rochuan: Everybody stationmaster good, I am the application of the Rochuan, the application of the mobile phone is an application store, for the user we hope to be a core, the most understanding of the user's application store, for our webmaster and developers, I hope is a fairest, to provide quality service to the application store.

Huangmingming: Hello everyone, I am cool disc chairman and investor Huangmingming, what we do is very simple, put you upload cool disk photos, documents, any files with any terminals anytime and anywhere to get, I slightly add a sentence. Just now, our host said that the webmaster was forgotten, on the contrary, I returned home in 05 to host the first meeting of the Xiamen webmaster, at that time in the following issued a micro-blog, at that time we saw many young webmaster have been famous, such as LED Huangyi Dream, and Cong Deqing, who was still very young people this year are famous, I think webmaster is the most innovative people in China's Internet, I believe that "Jiangshan generation talent out", today meeting to see a lot of generations, the main force, I believe that in the future will also have to change the Chinese internet people here.

Liu Xingliang: Hello, I am Liu Xingliang, webmaster Annual participation, this year has a new identity, I am the Mobile internet webmaster, Liu Webmaster here to the station under the webmaster hello. My project is called "Flash" is to do mobile social, what is a specific thing, I hope the friends here can now pick up your mobile phone, Apple mobile phone can be downloaded to the App Store, Android phones can be downloaded on the Rochuan application.

Yes: Hello Everybody, I am the Yes of Qing branch, I was also a webmaster before, I founded a website before, also attends the annual meeting of stationmaster, call the poster fashion net to start to make investment after being acquired. We also invested 30 companies last year including on the Tencent Open platform, we invest in a minimal case, at that time is a 4-person team to do a small application, "couple space", now in Tencent Open space is also the first category of non-game application, but also hope to be able to continue to cooperate with the webmaster here.

Liu: Hello, everyone. I am a positive wireless Liu, we launched a mobile application open platform, said the white point, you can let the majority of webmaster friends use you know the simplest web chat technology development Cross-platform applications, as for this platform to make applications, can be in our Los, Android, Symbian on, Windows all use up, I hope everyone here Webmaster friends have the opportunity to understand this technology, we also hope that our technology for Webmaster friends on the website to provide some help, thank you. #p # subtitle #e#

Lu Gang: Thank you very much for your introduction, if we are more careful, we look at each and every one of them in the background, we will find that this forum, in fact, organized very well, because we have to do the investment from the Qing branch, but also specifically to do the app, each app, mobile Internet applications in the so-called vertical areas of concern, are not the same, we also have to do the app service company, we also have as the application of the total side see many types of app, have a lot of insights. We are sure to talk about it from every angle today. How to do the mobile internet in the end, there is no prospect, in the end the threshold is high or low, in the end is not all of us here should go to do wireless internet.

I think our first question, let's talk a little, a little more imaginary, I would like to ask Rogo, you are also in a lot of big companies are engaged in senior executives, now in doing concessions, you feel the wireless internet in the end, because everyone is talking about his potential, or his opportunities in the end, you engaged in the Internet industry for so long.

Rochuan: I am also an entrepreneur now, and the webmaster are all the same, I am also a webmaster, my webmaster called the app, if you are interested can be visited. I think the real push for mobile internet is brought by smartphones, the most fundamental push is the iphone and Android two phones, now in addition to our windows a piece of push. But how fast are they growing? Only more than 10 million Chinese users were using it the year before last, and by the end of the 60 million, it is estimated to be 130 million this year, and more than 300 million users are expected to use the phone to access the Internet by 2014.

So, who are these people? I just thought, like people who said they used to use smartphones to access the migrant workers who work in the cities, or to work at the Foxconn campus. And as they all enter into this to visit, in every region, in every vertical field, it may be different from the needs of the Internet in the past, and the need for mobile internet will dramatically change the way we get information in the past and dramatically change the way each user gets service, And so the prospect that now brings is very great. Perhaps the first wave is the same as everyone else, especially the consultation, entertainment, especially game promotion, more and more will have the tools and products for various scenarios will be launched, which may be in the next year, not a year to see a phenomenon.

Lu Gang: Zhao Total, you are also from a large company, you are also engaged in the Platform division, you may also have a lot of contacts, some other partners, you also see a lot, and now everyone feel Microsoft especially in the first one months, we all talk about Windows, how do you think of mobile Internet, From your point of view?

Zhaoliwei: At home we are now mobile Internet is in fact still in a very early stage of rapid development, and in the domestic mobile Internet development, in fact, reproduce very diverse forms, just as Luo Zong mentioned. Actually, as more and more people begin to use the mobile Internet, all kinds of different consumer behavior will also be generated, I give a particularly simple example, I have just changed a Nokia 800 is also a small card, I go to move the business hall to the stranded card, There is a young man holding a very common smartphone, mobile business Hall to introduce him to do not change a package, he said not to change, I do not have to surf the internet, you thousands of money mobile phone how not to surf the internet, the person is determined not to buy his data package. In fact, I was very curious to stand beside, in the domestic as more and more people in contact with mobile Internet, become mobile internet users, different types of consumer groups will gradually extend out, maybe everyone in Beijing to attend this conference people, may have more a feeling, it is possible when you go to some second line, Three-wire completely another feeling, so this market must be a blooming market, it must be a more different business opportunities market.

Lu Gang: When you mention the blossom, we just have a few flowers sitting here, but also a hot industry, for example, we now talk about mobile Internet, it may be the first time we talked about mobile social, we talk about mobile, because now all mobile phone everyone like to take photos, upload pictures, share pictures, so the picture is also a hot spot, Let alone before we have like cloud services talked for a long time, now because we have a smartphone, may cloud services and users go closer, so the user is also our mobile hotspot. We mentioned that app will automatically mention app development, app development How to do it better, may also be a hot spot. Just a few hot spots, we are all sitting here, our next link, let's talk about a little bit, talk about these hotspots, I want to not we first, or please Liu General, your flash, why do you think mobile social is a hot spot, why do this thing?

Liu Xingliang: I have two protests, now we are Weibo era, there are micro-bo wall, micro-bo wall is particularly lively, but we sit on the stage can not see the micro-bo wall is regrettable, I think the above content may be more exciting than our speech, while looking at one side said more exciting. Second, I looked at the microphone, no matter what my ear reason or what can not hear clearly, are echo. I did it last August and why did I have to be a mobile social when I started my business last year? We all know that mobile Internet must be the trend of the future, this trend is unstoppable, this is clear to everyone, but we still have many areas of mobile internet, which areas beyond the PC Internet, I think it is social, Why do you say that? Because other areas may have various obstacles, such as games, may subject to the user experience, our screen size, such as E-commerce, mobile payment is affected by other security aspects, including the mobile phone inside the PC is more secure, but in the past years we have been damaged by the SP, always withholding the old feel unsafe , but these pitfalls are not in the social domain, and social requirements are everywhere, so I think that mobile social networking should be the first in the PC Internet, mobile Internet to go beyond the PC Internet in such an area, so I chose mobile social.

Secondly, I chose to move social inside, we move social to change in two halves, half is acquaintance makes friends, another kind of stranger makes friends, so we can only make friends with strangers. We divide strangers into two halves, half people first, or the funeral, I do things first, after the person, I want everyone to put their hobbies, or at the moment want to do something to express, find and you are interested in the same people, including to find you near and the same hobbies, Secondly, I want to do is a kind of close social networking, I want to expand the line, such as I invited a meimei to drink coffee, I launched a date may be the café has been selected, appear very sincere, followed by the café package bought, and even coupons, vouchers similar to this.

So, I think mobile social, the future will change, especially our young people, everyone's lifestyle and our kind of survival, so I choose to start a business in this field. #p # subtitle #e#

Lu Gang: I want to do a field survey, if you are using mobile phones, of course, not necessarily a flash, or Tencent can also, through the app to know more than a stranger with their friends, contact the Please raise the hand? It could be a gray area, sorry to raise your hand, you think mobile social may be a hot spot, but it doesn't make much sense for an entrepreneur to be a social person, because it's hard for Tencent to fight with it, but to be a mobile social is to socialize with strangers.

Liu Xingliang: Because in the acquaintance of friends based on a relationship point, each aspect is particularly clear or make money, and Tencent has done so many years, has been the world's hegemony, you have to challenge to Tencent is suicidal.

Lu Gang: I've had a lot of mobile socializing in front of me for a while, stranger Friends app, changed a number of Avatar, has been no one to me, do not know why, we put this topic to the back of a move, we ask Pingyang, you are doing petal nets, we do not know what the petals of the net is to do anything, And what are your apps doing, and what are the problems that need to be addressed?

Liu Pingyang: I used to do and shoot the net, but also a photo-sharing community, we do in the process we do not have this thing done very well, the petals are actually on the basis of the film we found the user's needs, we found that a large number of users like to search the internet for some beautiful pictures, and then put him on the top of the film. But, in fact, it was initially taken with encouragement that the user wanted to share the picture through his phone, or through his camera growth photo. So, when you see a lot of demand exists, there are actually two choices, one is to read, card off the business, another piece extended out as another new service. Just at that time saw the United States Pinterest growth momentum is very fierce, we made a decision at that time, the business independent to make a new service, is the petal net.

What is a petal net? is a social network based on interest. Facebook represents a time when social networking between acquaintances reaches a peak, and another trend comes from another point, a weak social service based on interest, or a product that is just as common as Liu's reference to a geographically based stranger. When it comes to petals in the mobile Internet, we all know that now the mobile Internet time is almost equivalent to the 2001-year PC Internet development phase, looking back over the past 10 years, the past 10 on the internet has been born many large companies, including QQ, Baidu, and even Youku, these are the traditional internet was born out of the Giants, So everyone is looking forward to the opportunity of mobile Internet.

To be honest, one of my points of view, or we agree that the picture in the mobile internet will certainly be a big application, including 2010 we also saw the US comstore have come up with a report, the picture is the second largest application after the text message. But, very ashamed of us as in the domestic picture service the longest company, in this piece did not find a good entry point. However, we also have some thinking, take this opportunity to share with you. From the mobile point of view, the original use of mobile phones is to maintain contact with others tools, so moving this piece of all the features, first and foremost, is to keep in touch with other people, like a recent application of the fire "you draw I guess" service, is a very typical application, attaches great importance to social, in fact, the service is very simple, In our view the petals in this application will certainly be in the social relationship platform to carry out, the other content to apply the direction, because we all know that the PC Internet summed up is three B, one is beautiful, one is a child, there is a chest.

Of course we are joking, mobile Internet summed up, may be three g, is also a beauty, the second is the game, there is a G is gambling, we think in these three areas, mobile internet will have a lot of opportunities in there. In fact, Tencent in the mobile internet this piece of layout has done very deep, for many entrepreneurs, including what we've just been talking to Lu Gang offline, the most troubling thing about the ipad is not how we're going to make it happen, but what I do to make it happen, and how many people know Now the promotion of the cost is a relatively high level, this is our field of some thinking.

Lu Gang: Thank you, Pingyang, you do the petals of the original intention, motivation, you see the potential of the picture, more to see the image in the mobile internet potential, the back may also be social, may be interested in the center, but the interest exists should use the picture. We change another angle, Huang has just said to do a very pure, like doing cloud storage services, because I do not know now to do this, you are now mainly for the company level, or for the user to do this thing, on the cool plate? #p # subtitle #e#

Huangmingming: We target individual users, the number of registrations just over 10 million, we are also worried that this thing is not done a little early, on the cloud storage services, the results found with us today is very mild, with the development of mobile Internet, Chinese users of this service to accept the degree is beyond our imagination. For example, the past two months have little to spend any promotion, we iphone,los,android users up about 10-15 times, this is my view today, I think today this forum theme is very good, mobile internet and cloud, I think is inseparable, This may feel the same way as we do. Before we talked about cloud computing, cloud storage everyone feels very fooled, high up, or our local government is doing a lot of cloud real estate, but I think the mobile Internet, including our 3G and Wi-Fi development from the cloud really landed the biggest driving force, because we reform and opening up also often say "want to rich first road", on cloud computing, Cloud storage, too, must have users who have a chance to get cloud data and services anytime, anywhere.

So, what is this possibility? is 3G and Wi-Fi popularity. 3G users will be more than 200 million this year, plus Wi-Fi I personally conservative estimate of 350 million, 10 internet users have 3 people can be anywhere from the cloud to obtain services, this thing landed, this is a big driving force. In turn, cloud computing and cloud storage and all of the people here who are doing mobile development, including our webmaster, also have a very big drive. Last night there was a very small company, also do mobile phone photo microblogging company, just to 500 million dollars by Sequoia cast, I have a friend also asked me, so there is no such company, Sequoia China looking for, the company to do the first 10 million registered users, the team is 4 people, which in the past is unthinkable, We imagine the service of 10 million registered companies, every day there are tens of millions of pictures in the upload time, in our country, in cool disk, we operate a team of dozens of people, I now see the company, why, all day throughout the country to buy servers, rent room, rent bandwidth, on the hard disk. However, under the foreign cloud infrastructure service, the same object we are learning in the first three years of his development, probably no more than 10 employees, so I think in turn cloud computing and cloud storage will be for all of us in the webmaster, including mobile developers to help. We cool disk last year also launched a project that it is with all the webmaster, and the app developers to do so, now the largest image modification tools we should be used, including the United States Mito they provide users with cloud storage on the back end is also a cool disk, as well as mobile phone based on Android management tools are also in use, You can only manage your own mobile phone last G, two g files, you now take the cool disk API, you can manage any one terminal, including on the PC, home computer on the dozens of G, more than 10 g files, with degree of stickiness also improve.

Here's a little AD, cool disk API will be as a big focus in the push, for personal webmaster, we hope to solve our business at the beginning of the problem, we have to find dozens of people team, across the big room, a simple campus network problem, we have a lot of student users, Campus network is the most abnormal environment of China's network, a teacher at Beihang University, I lecture on the first floor with China Telecom, the second floor with the Unicom, to the third floor into a campus network, to the four-storey into a song Hua cable. I got the cool disk file from the first floor to the four-story file, this will be a great effort to solve for the app writer, after we have done this road before, we want to open the API to customers, free to provide them with 15G services, the background services are all for us to do, Cloud computing and storage, in turn, have a big boost for mobile apps.

Lu Gang: If you go to do cloud services, now this threshold is not very high? Like the general entrepreneur, or the webmaster here, they are going to provide you such a service, do not think this is a great investment?

Huangmingming: There are many, at least in the United States, these entrepreneurs have been specializing in the operation, such as the best micro-blog Pictures of the company, there is no need to consider looking for so many people, contributing so many sets of servers to build networks across the United States, including each webmaster in their own field has a lot There is no need to put so many technical barriers to build their own cloud storage system, each company has its own expertise, the way of cooperation is also better.

Lu Gang: Finally ask positive benefits wireless, why do you choose this path?

Liu: Mobile Internet These two years is a hot spot, but our analysis of this hotspot does not say that as the two years disappear, or really become a direction, become an important branch of the Internet. Therefore, the mobile Internet in a popular process, he has to face some problems, such as our current face of mobile application development is difficult, high cost of development, as well as the follow-up operation maintenance difficult problem. I want to make an application, I'm going to cover all the mobile platforms, and I'll have to hire at least 4 people on my own, Los One, Symbian one, Android One, Windows One, one year millions do such a thing and not necessarily a cannon and red, or have this plan how not to do.

To put it another way, if this thing doesn't work itself, on the outsourcing, may be relatively low cost, the first phase may be 100,000 dollars, or 50,000 dollars to do it, but the problem comes, once outsourced after they do not have a technical team, my business needs to operate, is destined to have an upgrade process, upgrade to find outsourcing team, The first time 100,000, the second 50,000, constantly give him money, and also be subject to him, all aspects of control. It is in this context, we have made such a plan, can not be all of these adaptation, platform type is done by us, on our top of the simplest technology to allow some developers to develop applications, In other words, our HTM2.5 mobile applications open platform, based on this platform, as long as the use of HTM2.5 technology, of course, can all intervene, and not necessarily 2.5, now 4 version is OK, make such a set of applications, by our server, by our service responsible for becoming a mobile application installation package, you do not need to do anything locally, only need to have a basic tool can , such a development can run on all platforms. #p # subtitle #e#

At the same time, we provide the interface capabilities, should be said to be relatively sound, for example, Liu always do the Flash network we are based on social, based on the location, we are based on the petals mesh sharing, especially based on the picture, all of our LBS interface, local storage interface, upload interface, image interface are all, with our interface to do the market 95 % applications can be covered directly. To do this, we think the most important value is that we want to be able to the development of mobile Internet, this productivity can play a role in promoting and improving. Of course We might say that your set of things is based on HTM2.5, of course we are including this part, we more emphasis on a hybrid, the car is a hybrid, our application includes external, which also has local capabilities, I think sing in the past 10 years with webmaster friends have gone very far, but also to the Internet industry played a very big role in promoting.

In the mobile internet era, I hope we are benefiting unlimited company, or that the basic services have been free products to the development of mobile Internet has played a certain role in promoting.

Lu Gang: Also want to give webmaster a tool, also hope that they do in the future mobile Internet, in fact, can go more smoothly, or faster, because you are a development, cross-platform tool-type applications, a service?

Liu: Yes, mobile internet is just the rise of this era, the process of trial and error is unavoidable, I have input in this direction, if the investment is very large, I tried the wrong cost is very high, we may have stalled. Because we this set of things, the whole trial and error cost is greatly reduced, so that the webmaster no longer hesitate, I do not want to do this, must do, but I use what way to do the problem. Today we have a booth here, webmaster friends, or some developers can directly communicate with me, I want to do a place O2O, I think in my city, I directly hit a client, you can see this near the beer and skittles, see 300 meters, or 5 km have something, but these things I do not now, Or I want to do this cost is too high, I should do, I said you can come to our platform to see, I this thing is not necessarily very good, but we may be able to solve your current problems.

At the same time, we're not just supporting mobile apps, we've also developed a HTM2.5 game engine. Now HTM2.5 game, we know flash on the phone end does not do, mobile phone end flash phone end how to solve, they give the concept of HTM2.5 sing, we now take out the iphone is also easy, of course, is very slow, we are now dedicated to solve this problem, let HTM2.5 game, others place fast I this place can very very very flow Chang, other places slow me very fast.

Lu Gang: Thank you, Liu, just now mentioned a very interesting point, just interview a foreign senior executive, let him talk about the current mobile internet point of view, he mentioned that if the regression 5, 10 years ago, if we look like Microsoft before, everyone on the product of fault tolerance, will be very low, if out of a product, If the user sees the product is not good, it will go away, but now look at Mobile Internet products is not the case, the user allowed to make mistakes, for you to do the product itself this team, in fact you should not be afraid of the wrong, there are new things should come out, let the user test, after the test is good to change. Just now we went to see four mobile internet, can be said that entrepreneurs, everyone in the mobile Internet, or the user's life on the one hand, I think it is a direction. My next question may be a little blood, because we have an investor here, you as an investor, just four directions what do you like best? If not their four, if you are going to vote, what is your current focus on the investment hot? On the mobile internet?

Yes: Actually there are 5.

Lu Gang: In addition to Luo Total, he is more special, we will ask him to comment, of course I know these few are not lack of money, you can look. #p # subtitle #e#

Yes: I first say to invest in mobile Internet what view, 5 years ago we were at that time, when the webmaster meeting, the Webmaster people discussed the problem is? How to do seo, how to diversion from a variety of ways, including forum promotion, when Baidu, Google in addition to the forum promotion, you may do a website, a webmaster, All traffic sources. What are the opportunities for mobile Internet today? Mobile Internet is a new opportunity to import, for example, you have the App store without relying on Baidu, rely on 123 to get some new users, such as social media portals, such as micro-blogging space. Because of the changes in the portal, there are many opportunities for these new entrepreneurs, which is a user portal change.

Second, we fancy a change in user behavior. Users on the phone, we all know that the most basic has lbs, address positioning, such as Liu Xingliang do the flash gather can be based on the location of friends to do, which was previously unthinkable. In addition to the LBS function, there are some changes in the game, such as we have recently cast a 3D action game, we invest in the reason, before many mobile games include like Angry Birds, cut fruit is relatively simple, as users play more and more familiar with the smartphone will want to have a lot of things, Doing some 3D games will bring some new opportunities. Almost this time last year, we invested in Tencent platform "Houle Three Kingdoms", before the game is called to raise a fish, steal a dish of the game, so there will be many opportunities, "Houle Three Kingdoms" may be the last year Tencent's most lucrative application, just started to say different play.

Third, the user composition is not the same, our smartphone began to cover some users, in fact, before the Internet users did not hit the crowd, such as the iphone is a high income, high-end crowd, with the continuous popularization of the user changes will create many new opportunities. So, this is where we're going to look for new opportunities based on these new portals, new gameplay and new user architectures. Of course, in the mobile internet more challenging things, this is a very hot area, there are Tencent such large companies eyeing, the following many grassroots companies, two programmers plus a product manager plus a graphic artist can be a creative company, so the competition is also very fierce. How to win the environment? We often say that mobile internet to emphasize the user experience, in fact, the user experience not only in the WAP level user experience, more from the inside content depth.

Just said several applications, no matter the petal net or the flash gathers such application, in fact, spelling is not only the interface of integrity, to fight is the operation of the organization, such as flashing some beautiful girls on the top, you greet a lot of beautiful women to respond, this will certainly live, you even if the interface to do very rough, there are beautiful women can certainly do, this spell is the back Including the cool disk is the entire back-end cloud computing platform, open a software can easily download. Today, if we want to win on the mobile internet? We actually see more, is the app to do the things below, I feel that these directions are relatively optimistic, the key to see who can do this behind the operation to do well. So, on the big side, we often talk to a few directions, including games, the game is a relative content itself has depth, such as the game, not to be able to copy out in two months, the game to do the depth of the game, there are these opportunities.

Another area is O2O, not just on the wired level, also wired under the resource integration, but also under the cable service providers, suppliers to talk about cooperation, and even do a lot of very fine things, these things will let you the entire service, so that you end user experience to enjoy, just said these things mainly on the operators can see the success, Who will be able to win the market.

Lu Gang: There is also a saying, mobile internet is very hot, we earn to earn all VC money, the user's money has not earned, we have started to earn the user's money?

Huangmingming: We haven't officially launched this service yet, we also want to conduct a test, domestic users are willing to pay, that day more than 200 people, and buy the most expensive, and when the small boss a lot of our staff told us that many of their female secretaries to help them buy, but now the official service has not started.

Lu Gang: Chuan elder brother You see a lot of applications, just what you do is related to this, now on top of you, do you think see the application of money now more?

Rochuan: Now the entire mobile internet to make money application is not much, the first group can make money is mainly the game, the game is divided into stand-alone games basically can only earn advertising money, make users pay more difficult. Now can really make money or a little more heavy games, there are some social games there are some can pay the way, but the overall is a little bit heavier game, the user's viscous relatively high game, may make money opportunities are relatively large. In China's current user base, it's not particularly ripe to pay for the Fruit Ninja, zombie, bird-like game. However, some of the heavy, there are several three ol, three olion, and a number of innovative factories also have a "tomb hunter", are relatively heavy, to online games to attract pay.

Lu Gang: I would like to ask you from Microsoft, Microsoft, how do you look at the wireless internet, for example, in another way, now everyone to do mobile internet, in the end this threshold is high or low? including you are doing mobile Internet, is not you are not embarrassed to mention, I do not know how you look at this problem, and is Microsoft itself a transformational phase? #p # subtitle #e#

Zhaoliwei: Personally, I'm in the technical department, and I'll talk about it from a technical point of view. Today, most of them are webmaster, and would like to take this opportunity to remind people to pay attention to this trend, including the last side Liu also mentioned the general statement, There are problems with our website HTM2.5 in the mobile internet, now relatively low foreign share in the country, most of the traditional internet areas, everyone's Web site to take HTM2.5 relatively few, but in the mobile internet is not the case, a lot of smartphone terminals for 2.5, in fact, this stage has provided a better support.

If you look at last year's Windows8, we have a developer blueprint that emphasizes the technical support for HTM2.5 and traditional Internet development. What's the concept? In fact, three weeks ago we first did the Win8 developer training camp, at that meeting did a show, is also a mobile Internet circle very famous game, "Cut the Rope", we showed him, Based on the HTM2.5 built site you can network, we used less than 1 minutes, the entire site directly published to the WIN8 platform, into the WIN8 desktop applications, because win inside based on HTM2.5 development, and based on traditional C + + development, and Java development, we are treated the same, We hope that more and more traditional webmaster, in the mobile internet era can be the most familiar with the original technology, with the original most familiar with the Internet development technology, should be able to develop a desktop application, and through the application of the form of stores to distribute money.

So, the trend of these technology convergence is more and more obvious, in this process the mobile Internet development threshold itself is getting lower, the key to see how people seize this opportunity.

Lu Gang: Or back to the first question mentioned that the future is forward, we now discuss the future is money money, we are more concerned about the start-up companies, every day also received a lot of articles to introduce their products, not to see whether the product itself is innovative, we think these products, in the end how to make money. Now I don't know ye always, you in addition to the game now make money model is clearer, but most mobile internet some applications or services are good, there is a point of view to do the user, the user later to explore the value of users, I do not know how you look at the prospects of the problem, such as mobile social or pictures, Believe that mobile internet in the recent 1, 2 years will really have a good future in the back?

Yes: We as an early investment organization, we are more concerned about the user feel, we still believe in one thing, if an application, a product, if your users first enough to the amount of user loyalty is higher, there will always be opportunities to earn money. This view in the past, the Internet industry has basically been proved, of course, there are individual industries, may have to separate discussion, but generally speaking, there should be nothing wrong. Specifically, the first is the game, the second may be O2O related things, such as how we cast in the O2O direction is this year more fancy things, in addition to O2O will also fancy some industry applications, because there are smart phone, in health care, teaching and training in some areas will have some new opportunities, These industries themselves are very lucrative industries, but they may not be as close as the mobile Internet, it is possible through the social platform, through the mobile internet can make new tricks, even into a market segment is not able to generate some new opportunities, this is our very about, No such company has been found yet, but I believe it will happen.

Of course, in addition to social networking, including like the petals of a more distant, as long as you are the service of the real retention of users, since the industry there are other companies can earn money, whether it is the game or other O2O can make money, you have a user, as the source of the user can earn money

Lu Gang: Regardless of the life of medical, of course, do not know so summed up right, mobile Internet if you want to do people-oriented, real people's needs, because the phone is around you, involved in any one of your life to do all aspects. Our last big question, everyone is optimistic about mobile internet, we are also doing mobile internet, what we do is not the same, I would like to make suggestions to you, mobile Internet, now is undoubtedly a direction, now to enter the mobile Internet, really need you have to go in? Or do we look at the same industry, or enter the risk, or wait, if there is a good industry background is best not to get involved in the wireless internet, I would like to ask you to give us some advice, I feel the mobile internet a bit overheated, no matter what industry, such as I want to do app, do Wireless, In fact, he may just be engaged in a no wireless opportunity, but not catch, so I do not know how to see the problem. Therefore, I would like members to speak freely.

Rochuan: Mobile Internet This thing must enter, Stationmaster also faces challenge today, a part of PC quantity is diverted to the handset to come up, include some content that has done before also be some mobile Internet tool, especially like micro bo such tool to carry on shunt. So, whether you want to or not, you may have to find a way to get into the mobile internet, as to what kind of product is specifically taken, and what kind of development is strict, I think this may be different. At noon today is still with Dai, and old Yuan a piece of talk, in such a time, discuz! can give our webmaster to make some what kind of tool? It's an idea that can help us migrate these things from other forums, or some industry areas, to the Internet.

Or, our webmaster can also be considered from another angle, I may be local or I in a certain subdivision area, has established this kind of expertise, facing the mobile Internet, facing the PC Internet, I may use the previous way to establish a good service. So, in the face of a mobile internet opportunity, maybe I can think of a new way to put the knowledge of the past in this industry and the understanding of the industry to him can, and I accumulated over the user can migrate, not based on a certain way, access to the Internet is necessary, go in must, methods can be diversified, including old Dai How old Yuan discuz! better help each webmaster to enter the mobile Internet domain.

Lu Gang: I am a bit sorry, I see discuz! Forum on the mobile phone, in short, now look very unhappy, really look forward to discuz! have a very good mobile version out. #p # subtitle #e#

Huangmingming: I agree with Sichuan's FA, not a question to go into, even I think a bit more radical, maybe another two years we will not talk about what is the Internet, what is mobile Internet, mobile internet is nothing more than you have a small screen to connect to the Internet, access to the content of a different way, No more internet and mobile Internet, this is not a problem, it must be done, from ourselves. The input from our phone was hesitant, because the people who are looking for Los are too expensive, we've found nothing to do. The number of promotional users has turned 10 times-fold, and the frequency of access to information over the terminal this year will exceed the total amount of traditional PCs and web, but from another issue, including Tencent's more ferocious and aggressive mobile internet layouts, And the share is higher.

So, it's difficult. However, I would like to use a word to encourage everyone, every day is the first day of the internet, we have too many things to learn to do, the opportunity is always here.

Liu: Just the host said to use the mobile phone to visit discuz! website, we are to make contributions, the morning we discuz! release very important Application Center, for the third Wave Open, in the Application Center for everyone to share a free plug-in, webmaster as long as a little mouse, upload the personality of things, Choose a own style, a name, you can automatically generate a support Los, Saipan, and Android, is about to support windows, webmaster their own clients out.

Yes: Mobile Internet or early into the better than late, early in the promotion of cost, access to the user's cost is much lower than before, two years ago to do today has turned 10 times times, today has a website, there are customer base, today, the customer early into the mobile phone, will certainly have the first advantage. From a big point of view, the mobile Internet is really an exciting space, but from the specific implementation point of view, in fact, when it is not too late, from the Internet industry, in time the last two years will also appear new internet companies, it will make people very exciting, as long as the matter to think clearly also need not fear.

Liu Xingliang: 5 years ago I sent a blog paper, the future is not changed by the Internet industry, the future will certainly be the internet to change. Today, I sent a microblog on Tencent Weibo, Tencent has a column mobile easy to observe, now has not been mobile internet changes in the field, the future will certainly be changed by mobile Internet. I agree with the views of the previous guests, can advance into the early, the future is bound to go in, why not go in early? I once said that the tortoise and the Hare race theory, under what kind of circumstance, when the rabbit does not nap time turtle can run the rabbit? Change the environment, like in the water. So, entering a new field, using a new platform, a new way, may get more opportunities, in this area I think the future scenery is infinite.

Liu Pingyang: I very much agree with the boss on the stage of the proposal, it is certainly early in the morning will be better than late, because there will be extra time to try the wrong. But, I add, don't do this for the sake of getting into the mobile internet, it's a bit of a detour. Because the mobile Internet, including all the user practices on smartphones, including their demand for the product, is not the same, you need to look at the operation in a new light. Using a friend of mine to sum up, all the ipad in the mobile area of the ipad, in fact, there are three operations, a row, a pull, a complete, this is the mobile Internet, only to make it simple enough, and each application only to solve a demand, this application will be able to obtain greater user level recognition This is one of the three applications that we have learned.

Lu Gang: Thank Liu very much, we finally summed up a few of the views on the mobile internet, but also a suggestion, if you want to enter the mobile Internet, must now enter, but there may be a prerequisite, to see the direction you do, but to see clearly the real life for people to bring some value, And I think it is very clear, what to do to do, do not look too short, because we also see the prospect of money is not particularly good, but must be tolerant of living loneliness, insist on doing it. Finally, thanks to each of our guests for sharing, I am sure that we will be able to do more and better communication under the table.

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