Windows operating system supports conditions that are required for 137GB or above capacity hard drives

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The system supports more than 137GB of capacity hard disk, must meet the following conditions:
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1. Chipset:

Partially supported by the big drives specifications of the South Bridge chip: VIA vt8233a/8235 and later, SiS 961 and later INTEL Ich1/ich2/ich4/ich5 and the latest series can support more than 137GB capacity of hard drives.

2. Motherboard BIOS:

Friends using Windows 9x/me if the motherboard supports a hard drive exceeding 137GB capacity, the motherboard BIOS must support 48bit LBA, which is generally supported by the BIOS released around 2003, if you use Windows 2000/19803.html > XP system, you do not necessarily need to support the 48bit LBA BIOS.

If you are unsure if your motherboard supports 48-bit addressing, the easiest way to do this is to use the Intel 48-bit LBA test program (Intel's testing of 48-bit LBA).
It detects if the motherboard BIOS supports a 48-bit LBA addressing method to determine if your motherboard BIOS supports more than 137GB of hard drives.

Some methods for using large hard drives above 137G in a WIN2000/XP environment (highly recommended WIN2000 sp4/xp sp1+48bit LBA patches, SP2 operating systems, Win9x extremely deprecated).

Partitions should never use the old version does not support LBA 48BIT DM,PQ software.

First use WIN2000/XP to install the CD-ROM system area, into the system, install the system patch, and then use the 2000/XP Disk Manager to partition.

1 Intel Chipset

Older chipsets such as the 810,815,820 series need to upgrade the operating system and the IAA must be installed.
845,850,860 series chipsets as long as the operating system is upgraded, it is highly recommended to install IAA.
After 860, just upgrade the operating system.
WIN2000 Upgrade to SP4
WinXP if it is SP1, also need version number is 5.1.2600.1135 Atapi.sys file, this file is in please Q331958 patch.
Patch Description:; [ln];331958
Patch Download Address:
Http:// ... c-a17e-6f659a033b0d
It's best to upgrade to SP2

Note: During the installation process, please only split one main area, others do not pipe
After installation, divide the remaining undivided areas into 2000 disk managers
So you can use the 160G completely.
WINXP SP1, too.

WINXP SP2 and WIN20003 can be directly partitioned during installation

2 other manufacturers such as: VIA, SIS, Nvidia and other manufacturers of the chipset in addition to the appropriate installation of the latest chipset driver, please try to use WIN2000SP4, WinXP sp2,winxp+sp1+q331958 patch.

3 The hard drive has an official patch to solve this problem, but other brands of the hard disk has a corresponding patch, we can look for

Win9x system uses a problem larger than 137G hard disk The windows9x that does not support 48-bit LBA is installed in the partition, which was previously created by a recognized 48-bit operating system Windows XP, may have corrupted data. However, if the 48-bit LBA-compliant BIOS is not available, only the first 137GB of the hard disk is addressable and cannot use the rest of the hard drive.

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