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According to the China Computer report, because of the new mobile phone used in Hong Kong listed companies Yu Long Computer Communications Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. source code, Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as with the Continent Electronics) 7 technicians were detected by Shenzhen police, mobile phone business unit has been stopped.  Affected by this, the shares with the state electronics in January reached 17.39 yuan, then all the way down.  However, "cyber door" has not been concluded, with the state Electronics chairman Ming has been exposed since last September, all the way to reduce their own stock of about 30 million shares, once again let people on the case generated reverie. November 20, 2009, with the state electronic release bulletin said, the previous day, Ming reduced the 3.6 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital of 1.054%, the transaction price of 11.14 yuan/share, this is the amount of the current limit of up to 40.104 million yuan. And on September 8, 2009 and September 9, he reduced the 5 million shares, Ming personal set is now 105 million yuan, and then on September 28, and then reduce the 3.4 million shares, again set up now 33.524 million yuan. As of November 19, 2009, he has reduced about 17 million shares, the share of the decline of about 5%. As of March 31, 2010, Ming has not been among the top ten shareholders of circulating shares.  So far, Ming total reduction of about 30 million shares. Analyst reviews with continents last year's annual report showed that, as of the end of last year, Ming held a total of 107 million shares, of which 93 million shares of restricted shares, no pledge or frozen shares, thus calculated, Ming holding the circulation of shares of 14 million shares.  And in the first quarter of this year's financial results, the top ten circulating stock shareholders and no Ming name, and the top ten circulating shareholders at least one of the 1.6 million shares. East China Sea Securities Analysis report also believes that this year with the state of electronic-built radio and television upgrade platform will enter the profit harvest period, with the continent will enter the performance Take-off stage.  In such cases Ming but choose to reduce, people can not understand. From the point of view of time, there seems to be some connection between Ming's reduction behavior and the cyber gate incident. Yulong Computer Communications Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. last August 26, the cyber incident was reported, and from the beginning of last September, Ming on a continuous 4 times a substantial reduction in stock. There was a reporter on the two things whether there is a link between the same continent electronic board secretary Hu Xia. Hu Xia said that with the State electronics temporarily not to respond to this matter, all the company follow-up notice as the subject.
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