With existing bandwidth, future users will see a clear one times the video

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Summary: The existing bandwidth, the future users will see a clear one times the video. Last week, the domestic two big network video Enterprise Thunder look and PPS successively released support the latest h.265 standard (full name for efficient video coding, that is, high efficiency videos job, short HEVC) the latest

"The existing bandwidth, the future users will see a clear one times the video." ”

Last week, the domestic two large network video Enterprise Thunder look and PPS successively released support the latest h.265 standard (full name for efficient video coding, that is, high efficiency videos job, referred to as HEVC) The latest client, the reporter learned that Two video companies claim that the client is the first independent research and development in China.

The same bandwidth clarity is higher

All along, to the online video clarity as the representative of the video services and video content is the domestic user to choose to watch the two main considerations of the platform, the Thunderbolt look and the PPS h.265 standard release has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

According to Thunder to see the aspect discloses, its h.265 standard technology provides the exclusive technical support by the Peking University computer Science and Technology Research Institute, the entire net starts. The use of h.265 codec technology, will be presented to the user the most extreme HD screen, the current market on the highest quality video screen platform.

It is reported that, because of the domestic network video industry widely adopted video compression, transmission standards were introduced in 2003 H.264 standards, the standard in the video quality can be licensed when the bandwidth to achieve 1080p Full HD level. January 25 this year, the h.265 standard was passed by ITU.

According to the measured data, the above research Institute announces that under the h.265 standard, the same bandwidth conditions, the h.265 will be more than the existing video playback effect of about one times the definition.

HD is a tool to draw users

PPS Chairman and founder Zhang Hongyu in an interview stressed: "PPS as the strategic focus of this year, Successful development of the next generation of h.265 coding technology client products, this is only the first step in the process of high-definition, the next PPS in the technical innovation, content on the synchronized planning, to provide users with the highest content of Chinese Internet high-definition, experience the most extreme video services. ”

In fact, in the network video business, the concept of high-definition has always been "wooing" the user's weapon, before, Sohu Video and Youku potato Group by taking the purchase of High-definition film source to enhance the viewing experience for users to achieve the purpose.

When you are unable to obtain or need to play other source movies, you will consider using transcoding techniques for optimization. Storm AV 2011 has been promoted by the left eye key is also using similar technology to achieve high-definition purposes.

The rise in the standard for high-definition video from online video companies will allow the Internet video industry to evolve from competing for copyrights to competing for technology, analysts say. "Whoever has the higher definition, lower bandwidth transmission standards, who will be able to master the widest range of internet entertainment market."

or contribute to the industry's early profitability

Although the Thunder look and the PPS aspect has not disclosed obtains this exclusive technical authorization to pay the cost. However, the above two companies said that the use of this technology, both sides of the bandwidth costs will be reduced accordingly.

For video clients, copyright purchase, bandwidth, etc. is the main cost. In this regard, Peking University Institute of Science and Technology, associate Professor June that the H.265 technology's biggest advantage and feature is the ability to achieve half the bandwidth, sharpness doubling the optimal effect. Enterprise bandwidth cost can be reduced by half, "this is equivalent to even if the advertisement does not have the large-scale increment, the technology cost drop is big, is advantageous to promote the entire video industry early profit." ”

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