"With the cattle peer" Mengniu 2015 school recruit into the Agricultural university

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Mengniu 2015 Campus recruitment of the first station of the remaining temperature has not receded, recruitment group will continue to embark on the "search for cattle" journey, the evening of October 17, Mengniu School recruit the second in the cheers of the students in the University of the curtain, 400 of People's report hall packed, even the aisle is also full of students to listen to preach. Preach the scene, the host through the digital platform (friends Circle set praise to send Hao ceremony, micro-letter to win the prize) and other interactive way to open, so that students in round and round of milk delivery in enthusiasm. Photo: Interactive Opening chart: Mengniu Market system high-end brand general manager Jidong with the enthusiasm of students, Mengniu Group Market management system high-end brand center and Leisure Brand Center General manager Mr. Jidong to the front, for students to talk about career planning class. He said from the professional point of view, tell students in the search for work must not blindly follow, the best for their own. He said: "Mengniu has a very broad platform and very tolerant culture, hope that more excellent small partners to join the Mengniu family, and Mengniu grow together." "Picture: The students are invited to ask the site, students certainly want to do a further understanding of Mengniu." Mengniu Group Human Resource management system recruitment and employee Relations director Zhang Yi from "Mengniu is who", "What kind of cattle," do what more cattle "three problems to start, introduced the development of Mengniu history and culture, interpretation of" with the cattle peer to do more cattle "slogan, At the same time also to show the students Mengniu 100GT recruitment plan and talent training system for students to answer questions. Photo: "The most beautiful innovative youth-my nutritional Dream" ceremony, of course, more than this. Lectures, by Mengniu Dairy and China Agricultural University jointly held "innovative youth the most beautiful-my nutrition Dream" college Students Nutrition Innovation Public Welfare Project held a ceremony, after 2000 people's fierce competition, there are 4 outstanding students directly received the Mengniu Group 2015 Lepetson Recruitment offer, Let agricultural students see Mengniu Eclectic selection of talent mechanism, scramble to hand over their resume. Photo: Students actively deliver resumes next, Mengniu 2015 campus Recruitment will continue to enter the Harbin University of Technology, Shandong University, Nankai University and other 9 colleges and universities to preach, will be more talented "cattle" into the Mengniu team, and Mengniu win the future.
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