Within a certain range, global cyber warfare has been quietly launched

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Absrtact: Deeply concerned about the strong message that the United States and Britain have issued in the last two days to deal with the cyber war, the U.S. regards the highest level of cyber intrusion as an act of war; the British government has shifted the country's cyber policy from defensive to offensive. The week of the German Spiegel

Deep attention

The United States and Britain have issued a strong message in the last two days that they plan to deal with the cyber war, and the US regards the highest level of cyber intrusion as a "war act", while the British government has shifted the country's network policy from "defensive" to "offensive".

Germany's Der Spiegel April 24 reported that NATO established 2012 years ago with "can fight head-on with the enemy," the goal of the network combat.

It can be said that, within a certain range, the global cyber war has quietly begun. Type: Nam

Iran: first network force faces

Iran's official news agency confirmed March 14 that Iran has established a volunteer network of troops to counter cyber attacks and destroy "enemy networks". This is Iran's first official recognition of the Network Corps.

Ari Fazli, head of Iran's militia group, the Iranian organization for the mobilization of the poor, said the network was made up of specially trained Iranian military experts, including teachers, students and clerics from the Iranian organization for the poor. Earlier, some of Iran's official websites were hacked by hackers, the new network forces will be "against the enemy's website to launch a counterattack."

Iranian state media said that, as the Iranian Government and other institutions of the Web site is often attacked by hackers, from this year, Iran began to act on hackers, shielding the United States, Israel and British media attacks on Iran's web sites, to increase the protection of the network.

US: War against cyber intrusion

The Pentagon recently introduced a "new cyber strategy" to rank all "cyber intrusion" against the US. Among them, the highest level of cyber intrusion will be regarded as "acts of war."

The Pentagon is due to formally announce the strategy in June, the Wall Street Journal reported May 31.

Cyber threats comparable to enemy forces

This is the first time in the United States to develop a response strategy for cyber intrusion.

According to the International Strategy of cyberspace, Internet security has been elevated in the United States to a position of equal importance to economic and military security. It is reported that the hypothetical type of attack could be the use of computer networks to disrupt the U.S. power supply system led to widespread power outages, using network systems to attack U.S. urban rail transit. The Pentagon seems to be warning potential enemies.

The Wall Street Journal says the US is beginning to try to deal with the changes that the Internet has brought to the world security situation: the threat that hackers pose to U.S. nuclear reactors, subways or oil pipelines may be comparable to enemy forces.

UK: Research on cyber weapons

Although the Cyber weapons development program is still the top secret in Britain, there are reports that the Cabinet Office and the cyber Security Operations Center are responsible for leading the plan, and that the British Ministry of Defence will intervene appropriately.

The Pentagon recently appointed General Shaw as head of the cyber-defense operations team, although he does not have an IT background, but his extensive paratrooper experience will help network weapons developers understand what is good for the military. Shaw said cyberspace represents a "borderless war".

British government officials also disclosed that the aim of the Cyber Weapons development program was to allow the British government to have more aggressive options in the face of cyber attacks, rather than passively resisting hackers.

Will recruit a large number of network experts

The British Department of Defense said it would recruit a large number of Internet experts to deal with possible cyber warfare in the future, the BBC reported May 31.

The report quoted an unnamed spokesman for the Ministry of Defence saying that the MoD would "significantly increase" the number of Internet experts. The spokesman said that, like other personnel, these network specialists would also be able to serve where they are needed. The British Department of Defense believes that the future of the conflict will be accompanied by "cyber action", so the British need to strengthen this force.

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